Anyone starting Cambridge?

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Hello all

I'm building up to starting the Cambridge diet, this won't be until after next weekend as its my birthday Saturday and I don't want to spoil that!

First meeting with counsellor on Weds and to be honest I can't wait to get going. Hoping to lose 3 stone as quickly as possible.

Would love to hear other CD experiences or looking for a buddy if anyone else starting out.

I'm 34, nearly 35, and stay at home mum to 3 girls. My aim is to be a happy, healthy mum to my little girls, not a fat, embarrasing mum!!

Good luck to all the other newbies out there too xx
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hi, I'm thinking about starting the cambridge diet looks very much like LL which I've been doing till recently, just need to be brave and pick up the phone and get started but i know how quick it can work i lost nearly 3.1/2st in about 12wks or so, I'm with you on wanting to be healthy for the kids I'm the same. Good luck with it x


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Good morning i am on restart to the CD day 2 and doing well again.

this is my third time on cd and the results are the best i think.

I have only 7.5 lbs left to goal and cant wait hope on the CD borad say say helloooo lol xx

good luck to both of you xx

rubber ring

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S: 15st13lb C: 15st13lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 33.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi thanks for the messages of support.

Bump2x2 - 3.5 stone in 12 weeks sounds great! You must have been so chuffed with yourself. How did you find it - honestly? Did you cheat at all or did you stick religiously to the shakes etc? I can see me being good mon- fri during the day but evenings and weekends are an entirely different matter.....:) Evenings are usually a matter of kids in bed, sit down with a glass of wine and some nibbles while I think about making dinner for me and hubby. Weekends consist of "nice" brekkie (pain au choc), eating out and generally having whatever I want! Plus more wine and nibbles on an evening. I think its a lifestyle change I need as much as anything. How much weight did you have to lose when you started out? Sorry for all the questions, just want to go into this with my eyes wide open.....!!


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Am a restarted too, as of today, it's been an easy day and still have one more shake to go.... I know tomorrow might be harder but I really want to shed the one stone I put on during x-mas (was on holiday) and another stone... I think cd is the best diet ever and you see the results quickly... welcome and good luck!!!