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Anyone starting on the 23rd June?

Discussion in 'Slim And Save' started by oO~SaDiA~Oo, 21 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. oO~SaDiA~Oo

    oO~SaDiA~Oo Full Member

    If you are starting on Monday and want a buddy let me know ;)
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  3. TaraSW

    TaraSW Full Member

    I started yday... would love a buddy :)) i have weighed myself yet tho going down to boots to wi in today. How was ur first day? I got really nauseous in the evening and a headache.... slept it off tho.

    Ooo n how much u got too loose? Whats your first goal? Lol soz for the bombard... me kinda excited
  4. oO~SaDiA~Oo

    oO~SaDiA~Oo Full Member

    Hi Tara!!

    I wasn't able to start today as planned the package from Slim&Save arrived later then I expected. Im a returning VlCD-er It worked well for me before before I moved on (which I regret doing now) It's been about 17 months since I was last on it so I am really excited about starting it again. I will be tomorrow now 24th June! I will be starting a Diary again I have a package for 28 days so that is what I am aiming to stick to now.

    I left my goals quite large last time which is where I went wrong this time im aiming to shift a minimum of a stone!...As it's my first month back I am expecting this to be straight forward. Then towards the end of MY 28 days around the 21st day I hope to get another 28 days supply all going well I hope.

    How about you?

    I need to update my stats it's all very wrong atm hahah look forward to chatting to you hehhe xx
  5. TaraSW

    TaraSW Full Member

    Hey Sadia ???

    Today was good for me.... no nausea or headaches... lil hunger pangs between packs but just kept glugging away at the water and green tea. My pee is darker than i thought it should be for the amount of water im drinking (tmi??) Lol

    I weighed myself today on the boots machines.... i am almost 23 stone! Heaviest i have ever been.... 22 stone 10lb and im 48% body fat. BMI is 48... so i have a looong way to go. I want to weigh 11 st 5lbs, literally half of me now eeeeeek! I cannot remember weighing less than 17 stone... even in secondary school, im 28 y/o now.

    Ive decided to keep the weigh ins to a minimum and weigh myself every 3 weeks. Weigh ins mess with my head alot!! I dont want to think about how much im loosing and how fast etc... just want to take everyday as it comes and stay foccussed.

    Let me know how your firat day goes....... wooohooooooo lets do this!

    Muchos love

  6. oO~SaDiA~Oo

    oO~SaDiA~Oo Full Member

    Hi Tara!

    lol @ the pee! haha I'm glad you weren't as nauseated today!

    We can definitely do this just take it a step at a time.

    Weighing in every 3 weeks sounds like a good plan! I want to try and limit my weigh ins too as it messes with my head also lol. Iv'e decided once a week which is a big deal as I was on the scale every morning before..

    This time I just want to plough through, my motivation is xmas and being able to wear a pretty dress and going out to a few parties. Iv'e missed a lot of social time in the last decade?

    Iv'e just turned 29 on the 5th aha. So it's also a great motivation to make sure I'm slim before my 30th so I can really celebrate it feeling great!

    What's your motivation? you sound like you're in the best mind set, which is great! :D

    I've started a Diary, I'm going to go through a few now and then get myself to bed as it's late really excited to start.

    Chat soon

    Sadia xXx
  7. TaraSW

    TaraSW Full Member

    Hay Hay Hay!

    Hows day 1 going Sadia ? Good motivation shuga, I've been missing alot of social time too most my life - not fun! Hopefully i'll be joining you this Christmas with the sparkly sexy christmas dress :)

    My main motivation is to do a handstand and cartwheel! i've never ever done either and i sooooo badly want to!

    This year i have a cousins wedding in August which i'd like to get off as much weight as possible before then and then going to cyprus to see the family at the end of september whom i havent seen in YEARS then bday in November and off to America to see my sister and nephew whom by then it would be over a year i havent seen...

    I've just had enough of lying to myself and being dillusional and just listening to what other people say and going with the flow not making any efoort or changes for myself to be happier.... anytime i complain about my weight or talk about doing something about it people are so nice about it and say things like but your so beautiful and you have a curvy hourglass shape so you still look good and sexy... all v sweet of em but it doesnt help me at all as i just think yea ok i guess and muddle on.
    BUT the other day i was scrolling through pics my mum took (she randomly takes pics when you dont know shes even there) and i saw one of me from behind - OMG i wanted to cry! i was massive, thighs, back, even my neck! jeeez do i really look like that, YES. And compared to the people on the street around me.... gosh.

    I just want to live my life to the full, stop self sabotaging behaivour and start being good to me and honest with myself.

    I would looove to do yoga, go dancing lessons like salsa and play basketball again and feel light on my feet. Oooo and wear heels and have my feet not ache after 5 mins!

    hmmm pretty hefty list....

    Where can i find your diary jelly bean ? would love to have a peak...

  8. Cherrypie

    Cherrypie Full Member

    Hi guys, I started yesterday, can I join your crew :)
  9. TaraSW

    TaraSW Full Member

    Hey Cherry,

    Course ! Which diet u doing shuga? N how much u got to loose n whats your motivation too?

  10. TaraSW

    TaraSW Full Member

    Sadia hows it goung hunn?
  11. oO~SaDiA~Oo

    oO~SaDiA~Oo Full Member

    Sorry Guys! I went a bit awol yesterday not started yet but will be this week! Welcome cherry course you can!

    Tara those sound like great ideas! I love them I want to do all those things.. My Diary is in the Diaries section I'll try and link to it in my signature. Iv updated it atm hopefully starting soon just thinks didn't go to plan yesterday!

    I'll be popping on here to get my motivation again been loving reading everyone's progress last few days:)
  12. TaraSW

    TaraSW Full Member

    Hey Sadia

    You gotta start when your ready dont rush to start start when ur 100%

    I soo aggree.. coming on n
    Readin up on others is so motivating.. im obsessed with youtube vids atm. Love seeing people transformations n hearing their struggles n how they overcame their thought processes etc.... v inspiring!
  13. oO~SaDiA~Oo

    oO~SaDiA~Oo Full Member

    So true Tara! I want to start as I mean to go on and yesterday I was just in the wrong frame of mind. Watching YouTube videos sounds like an awesome idea! I'm going to do the same.

    You sound like you've really got the right attitude I love it.

    Have you got a diary?
  14. CherryHumbug

    CherryHumbug Full Member

    Hey all I'm Amanda :) I started yesterday and would love to join you guys! :) I am finding it brilliant so far no headaches or feeling or hunger :)
  15. TaraSW

    TaraSW Full Member

    Hey ladies,

    Sadia i so hear u... i find myself having lil but strong sabotaging thoughts to pop open the fridge n pop something in my mouth... finding that these occur when i spend too much time thinking about all the things i am going to do that ive never done and how much better my life will be... i think it overwhelms me.. fear of the unknown or not being ready to be happy or feeling like i will be miserable if this slim and healthy and happy image isnt a reality when im slim as now i have that illusion to hold onto and can blame myself for not being happy on my weight but what will i have to lie to myself about when i get to this dream weight...

    i find that just bringing myself back to the moment helps me. I know what i want, i know i want to do this diet and i know i want to be slim and healthy. So i just focus on getting through this moment anytime i feel a sudden sabotaging thought and not judge it or myself and keep it moving.

    How are you feeling today? Whats going on for you in your mind thats keeping you from feeling ready?

    Oo i dont have a diary. Might start one tonight or tomorrow. Will go look for urs now

    And hiiiii Amanda! Welcome! Hows your first few days going hun?
  16. oO~SaDiA~Oo

    oO~SaDiA~Oo Full Member

    Hey Guys I'm back Tara you are bang on there! Getting your mind into gear is a challenge and it's about finding what works to get you to stay on track!

    I finally started yesterday so currently in day 2! will update diary and go and find yours!

    Hey Amanda Welcome! Looks like iv'e started at a good time quite a few people starting this week!.

  17. Cherrypie

    Cherrypie Full Member

    Hi guys, I'll let you know a bit about myself.

    I'm 28, no kids, live with my boyfriend. I am on slim and save and have been on and off for about a year. I've been dieting but not putting my life on hold, I've been on 3 holidays, Christmas, countless birthdays and trips away in that time.
    I've started again as I am maid of honour for my best friend of 25 years in August and her hen party is July 19th and I don't want to worry about how I look in photos and feel confident in myself.
    So I started this diet at 17 stone last year, no idea how I got that to that but I feel it was a mix of bad job and bad relationship over the course of 10 years.
    I got down a month ago to 12.7 and then had a crazy month including 2 weeks all inclusive eating and drinking and got back to 13.1. I had a sneeky weigh this morning and I'm back to 12.9. I would love to shed a couple of stone before August.
    Anyways thanks for listening and how much have you guys got to loose? Xx
  18. Cherrypie

    Cherrypie Full Member

    Sorry guys, It's crazy that we are such close ages and 2 August weddings to go too! Should be great to keep us motivated together! If I figure out how to put a picture on here I will of my before and during xx
    Last edited: 27 June 2014
  19. TaraSW

    TaraSW Full Member

    Whooo hooooo! Excited that uve started Sadia :))

    Yea Amanda that is pretty cool! So many similairties between us. Love it! Bring on the August weddings! N bring on Christmas and bring on everyday of the rest of our lives :)

    Amanda, so great that i caught urself slipping back up the scale and put a holt to it before it got worse... so easy to just keep putting on n on till ur back to square 1 or worse.
  20. Cherrypie

    Cherrypie Full Member

    Haha thought you were talking to me but wondering why you were calling me Amanda! Flipped back and realise we also have a cherryhumbug and a cherrypie! More similarities! I'm Dee by the way! X
  21. oO~SaDiA~Oo

    oO~SaDiA~Oo Full Member

    Hey Dee haha I know two cherries!

    I know it's really weird were similar in ages and goals It must just be the loom of 30 haha well it is for me being 29 for the last few week feels weird im 1 year off 30 and no way am I doing it like this heck no!

    You've done awesome to get down to 12 stone!

    My overall goal for this year is 12 stone Im 17 now and iv'e been 12 before until I was 22 then I shot up to 15 within a year and since then it's just crept up and up over the last 5-6 years!!

    My life goal is to get to around 9 stone but iv never been that small in my entire adult life so have no idea if it would suit me! But initially 12 on this diet and the rest by other means Im just taking it in my stride only on day 2 now.

    If I can do this right up until end of November and get the next 4-5 stone off I will be one happy bunny :D

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