anyone starting this week!!!!


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Hiya jje1973!

Not many people are around at the moment. They are too busy trying to catch up on jobs after spending too much time on here and in the arcade:D

Not doubt someone will be along in the next few days.

Best of luck for Boxing Day. Good for you....get started nice and quickly after Christmas. What a great start to the new year.

Have a lovely Christmas Day :)


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Offically back on 8th January but I'm feeling very bloated already and want my shakes back!
So I'm restarting the day after Boxing Day! On CD.
Happy to be your buddy if you want me to be.
Got another 48lbs to go...erm at the moment prob be more by Tuesday!!
Have started a thread called The Rib Finders Challenge will last 4 weeks from 8th January loads people signed up come one over for loads of support!
Oh and Merry Xmas!!


I'm restarting on the 27th Dec. Have fallen off the wagon big time in the last two weeks but feel ready to go back now. Am back at work after tomorrow so that will help me keep away from all the food. Great to know that other people are starting now too - so many people are waiting til New Year but I always find New Year psychologically a bad time to start - it's my busiest time at work and everyone's so down after the long break - for those lucky enough to not work over the break. Am currently stuffed to the gills on parsnips and sprouts - after another day of this, LL is going to be a HUGE relief!


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I've started back on SS early after feeling like crap from eating.

I'm halfway through my journey, so another 2 stone to lose to goal, so I shall be going through the plans this year... scary stuff!!

God luck to you all, we can do this!!


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I will be starting tomorrow (27th) my first (and last hopefully) attempt at the CD so expect to see me on here lots :)


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I am restarting again on the 28 December.....was going to leave it till the 8 January but reckon the way I'm going I'll be at least another stone heavier by then:eek: I feel fat and bloated and have regained almost 3 stone since the summer:eek: so the 28th it is back to SSing to get this weight off.......

Good luck everyone.....



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I've 95Ibs to go (if you discount my planned christmas indulgence).

I was starting back 2nd January 2007. However I see no benefit to it and I feel bloated and full and not nice. I've eaten all that I wanted to and I just want to get back on track now. SO I'm starting today.


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I'm starting this evening, going out for a meal this lunchtime and then i'm back on the shakes this afternoon. Have felt dreadful since eating normal food so am looking forward to going back! Just not looking forward to the pre-ketosis bit over the next few days! Here's to getting back in to the pink!!


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hiya i have about that much to lose i be ur buddie would be nice to have a buddie to share this experiance with, how was ur first day??, i am back on waggon after having a fall a week ago, so had a week off for xmas now back on straight and narrow and no more slippes allowed lol


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I took a 3 day break i'll be back on CD tomorrow.


Its my 1st day too!

Hey Every1!

Im all new to this aswell, so this is my 1st post! Ive just started the Cambridge Diet, i thought if i dnt start now then i never will. Im sick of wasting time.

Ive got exactly 3 stone to loose. Anymore will be a bonus!! Also its my birthday in April so hopefully if i can stick to this then i will be @ my goal for my bday!!



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I had planned to go back on New years day but started again this morning having reached in to myself late last night and dragged myself back from the brink of disaster.

Good luck everyone.



Well, I restarted LL yesterday - truly horrible carb withdrawal headaches last night - couldn't sleep at all - but today has been a lot better and the ketostix are going pink already so hopefully that's the worst of the move into ketosis over with - it's so much easier once you're past that. I want to lose the final 2 stone by the end of feb so let's knock back the water and see the fat melt off!


Yeh i know wot u mean by headaches. I done a kinda of preparation week & cut out carbs and started drinking more water. Where do you get those sticks from? Do you think its a good idea to get them coz i was thinking about getting them?


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reply for lisa looo

hi there lisa i struggled like mad the first time i did this diet i got through the first few days no bother, now i usually end up caving in like last night i stuck it all day and then picked at some turkey ended up eating a few peices i was starving. so i suppose this is day one again but i am going to try like hell. the hunger pangs seem to be more severe than when i did the diet last year wheni lost my weight between December and February and last year i coped right through xmas even sitting through xmas meals and meals out with just water while on lipotrim. This time it feels like my brain is telling my body what i am going to do and is fighting harder against it whereas last time it was kind of tricked into it i know it sounds mad but i have tried 3 times and failed since that fist time which was a success. I went from twelve and a half to nine and a half stone and i was in ketosis after 3rd day anyway i will do my very best thank you for reply lots of luck with the diet.