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ANyone sticking to SW over xmas?

Must admit I am putting the plan on hold until after Christmas (poss new year - depends on will power) but getting straight back on in the new year.
I'm following the plan about 75% of the time and if I really want something I'll have it, I had planned to be strict with myself but with working over the holidays I think I'm going to have too much on my plate as it is so why stress myself out. Follow where I can and get to the gym when I have chance that's my plan of action lol
I too will be sticking to the plan first day today

so by my christmas dinner next wednesday I hope to have saved enough syns to stick to the plan but if not I will still not over indulge :)

have a great christmas everyone
Will try too but gone a bit wayward today...........!


Lover of Extra Easy
So far so good, but tomorrow plan to have a few (or lots!!) extra syns on wine and cheese, if I am not too full from our SW Christmas Dinner. No mince pies, chocs or pud for us. Halo still in place!
My halo has completely been demolished! I made SW mince pies (3.5 - 4 syns each, batch of 21) and I have eaten half of them to myself! I feel like such a piggy! Right, back on track on Saturday without fail!


Lover of Extra Easy
That's perfectly ok... halos are allowed to be put away for a day or two over Christmas, as long as they come back out soon after!
Now you are still being kind of angelic... imagine if you had of eaten 10 M&S mince pies.... that would have been 190 syns!!
So well done on making SW pies!
Oh dear God! I think I'd rather 40 syns than 190 syns! That's 3800 calories, not including whatever other food you might eat aswell, shocking! The halo will be well and truly back on Saturday and back in the gym asap lol
Oh I had such great intentions and the last 3 days have been a disaster :cry: have a nice meal planned tomorrow which is all free :eek: will plough on trying to not overindulge :break_diet:
I have tried and failed today not to over indulge. It could have been a lot worse than it was actually.

Hey ho. Tomorrow is another day. I will be 100% tomorrow. I find that just one day of eating rich food makes me crave healthier food for a while afterwards. So onwards and onwards.
opps i must sound really boring but im sticking to the plan:flirt2: i really am so motivated and dont want to let things slide, i really have to be strict with myself as i dont want to go backwards,
omg i sound so boring :eek:
yep I made a real choice this year... I am not far off 6 stone amd that has been bloody hard this year. I felt that i can have just a great time with SW at Christmas with some planning... which so far I have managed to achieve.


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