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anyone struggling this week

hi i am finding it quite difficult for the first time im currently in week 6 of LL but i keep wanting bread or toast so much and can not get the thought out of my head that i have another 8weeks left. my hubby had some toast last night and i was like i can not wait for that he said i will make you some toast when you can eat again i said i wanted a loaf of bread lol just hoping this ibsession doesnt get worse and knock me off the rails. have never felt hungery once since i started and have found it easy till this week. my nana died last week and its the funeral tomorrow so i dont know whether its that or not. how is everyone else getting on.
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Im struggling but im only on the second day. Doesnt bode well does it but im hoping once i get into ketosis i wont feel hungry and will think about food less. Please stick with it, you have done so well and if you fall off the wagon now, it will be harder to get back on.

Be strong,


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I'm only on week four. I have my good days and bad days. It's like anything isn't it. Of course it's not going to be easy. But just keep going, think positively and I'm sure it will be alright. I mean come on oliviasmummy - nearly half way to the end of foundation hun and you are doing really well!!!

B x
Sorry for your loss, as I'm quite new to LL I can only tell you what LLC told us at group, that was that it won't always feel easy but dig your heels in until you get past it. Obviously tomorrow will be tough for you, sending you loads of hugs.


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your weight losses have been excellent!!!!! just look at them and you should be feeling very proud of yourself, infact you are an insipration. i start Tuesday next week, and jst got my form signed today, so i am rather elated at the moment! keep strong and think about you losses.


nearly there!! :)
hey hunni xxx
im starting week 7 this week but i no the smell of toast is a big trigger for me to. not so much that id even touch it but its the smell!!

have u tried getting a piece of paper (ive a diary) and writing down how ur feeling when it comes to ur nanny dying?
i find if im finding it hard if i write down the situation and my feelings about the situation, have a little cry while doing this, re-read it have another little cry then decide "ok now its time to stop. i cant change this situation and the food def wont help me" and i put it away and do something else.

now i no ur situation is a bit diff but writing say a letter to ur nan might help u, or even just a letter in general!!
hope this makes sense and that u feel bit better soon xxx
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Yes i have struggled, and learnt the hard way , so dont give in to that lovely smell, its your brain tricking you! Keep busy!
I know its hard i have had the F word around me alll day and i have been really good

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