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Anyone suffer from POLYCYSTIC OVARIES and is on CD?

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Hi All,

Some of you will remember me a couple of years back where I was a bit more proactive in my postings. However, I come onto the site daily and read avidly.

After months of waiting and feeling very ill I have today been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Is there anyone else on CD and suffer from PO ?

I know my weight will have to come down quickly but one side effect of PO is weight gain!

Hoping that someone can shed some light and hopefully tell me that the diet has worked to their advantage.

Any advice will be greatly apprecaited.
Mindovermatter X
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Hi Mindovermatter,
I was diagnosed with PCOS a few years ago, (it really just confirmed what I had already guessed!). I have struggled with my weight all my life, regardless of how strict a diet (I put on weight on weight watchers!) or how much I exercised it never came of and kept going up. A couple of years ago I was on the waiting list for fertility treatment and was told I needed to lose weight first :cry:- so I did the lipotrim diet (very similar to CD but not as nice flavours) on it I lost weight:eek: really quickly and got pregnant:eek:!! So to answer your question (sorry about being so long winded!) I do think that CD and VLCD like it are really suited to PCOS sufferers like us as traditional low cal high carb diets just don't work! Hope this helps!
Hi Mindovermatter,

I too suffer from PCOS and have gained an awful lot of weight through it. I can't say if CD will lead to a successful pregnancy because I am only very early in my journey but what I can say is that I have had really good losses on CD and my CDC did say that it does work really well with PCOS sufferers. If you use the search box and put in PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome a whole heap of threads will come up and I am pretty sure that there are some successful pregnancy stories amongst them!
Good luck with your fertility journey and CD :) xxx
MOM, have just noticed too that you are in Birmingham/Telford, are you under the Birmingham Womens Hospital? I hope you don't mind me asking and completely understand if you don't want to say too xx
I have pcos diagnosed medically after my 4th baby although was told by consultant a couple of years earlier he thought I had it but as it wasnt affecting my fertility we would wait to find out for sure if I had problems . I went on to have 6 children (each one took longer to conceive and had 10 pregnancies in all ) . The last one I was on clomid after losing just under 7 stone.

A year later i was back on CD and lost my babyweight plus an extra stone and a bit and am just over 8 stone lighter than when i first started and in total have lost 11 and a half stone with cd. Have maintained since January this year and want to lose a few more pounds to get to bmi 23.

Cd works for me xx

cdc norwich
Me! I know it is only my first week down, but I haven't had a problem, and todays results speak for themself with how successful the diet can be with PCOS.

What I find better for me, and it could be to do with the PCOS and insulin resistance, is to split all my shakes in half, and have half every 2 hours, starting at 8am finishing at 10pm. That way my body stays balanced, it is getting nutrients little and often, and not big rises and dips every 4 hours.

Maybe worth a try?
Hey guys,
I just wanna add that PCOS is eventuated by being heavier, as well as having a side effect of causing weight gain. It doesn't cause the gain, it just lets the body retain more fat if you know what i mean.
Research shows that if you lose weight, you lose your PCOS!

Good luck xxx


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I have it too, was diagnosed about 6 years ago, only started have weight issues when my periods started, my mum put it down to stopping ballet. my docs answer was to put me on the pill as I was on for 6 months off for 6 months... anyway after 6 years of trying I was blessed to fall pregnant and we now have George, but want to lose this weight and be a normal size so I can enjoy running round after him and hubby!
With losing weight you are at a greater chance of reducing your pcos symptoms but i was told once you have pcos you dont get rid of it?

To be honest even though i have lost weight my symptoms are the same, no better no worse, v heavy periods(take transamic acid 6 tablets a day whilst bleeding) hairy face (lucky blonde) hair receading like a man would lose his hair (had fringe for first time in 32 years to try and combat this) v irregular periods.

cdc norwich
transamic acid gave me the most terrible nose bleeds!


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I have PCOS and was panicked about not being able to lose weight on this diet. I've done just fine, even though I've been sort-of off it for 2 months (well, not sticking to it properly, although I started on Monday again and seem to be getting on okay).

Losing weight will ease your symptoms no end. When I got down to 9st 7lbs, I went to my GP for treatment. They didn't give me any, saying that keeping my weight low was the best I could do for myself.

It is really good to follow a non-refined carb diet on PCOS- like low GI. PCOS can have insulin resistance, so sugar causes weight gain.

Good luck, you'll be great!


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Hi hun i have PCOS too, was officially diagnosed last summer, but i knew i had it way before that with the symptoms i had. I started CD in Jan, in 6wks i had lost nearly 2 and a half stone, felt much better, and found out i was pregnant! Am 22 wks now and all is well!
Also agree with blue grapefruit above, the PCOS doesnt make you gain weight, but it stays on easier, and can be harder to shift - but i had no probs with losing on CD. I'll prob go back to CD once i've had tootie in Oct!

L x
S: 15st0lb C: 15st0lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 47.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
thankyou all

thankyou all for your replies. Really helpful to know that I'm not the only one with the syndrome and attempting to lose weight on CD. I thought I would be facing the impossible but clearly many of you have shown that it is possible to have good results from this diet as well as get pregnant.
I found out I had PCOS about 2 years ago and have struggled with my weight for about the last 4 years, I waslucky though that I managed to concieve my 2 daughters with no problems.
I am not finding a problem losing weight on this diet (just having a problem sticking to it, lol!!!!).
It is true though that the symptoms will get better when you lose weight which is why I am so desperate to do well on here as I am fed up of having facial hair and the mood swings of a crazy women!!!!

Good luck on your weight loss, good to know your not alone!!!

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