Anyone there?


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Hi all,

Seems pretty quiet on here, but thought I'd stop by and see if there is anyone around.

I had 272 llbs to lose to get to 20 stone - mammoth and still in the obese club. I've lost 21 llbs so far and it's only been 3.5 weeks (Monday is my weigh in for week 4 - hoping to be another 2llbs down).

I am currently doing Atkins, and finding it relatively OK. Not hungry, and still eating some low carb treats which are giving me a mix of food.

I have a diary in the weight loss forum (member only dairies), but if anyone is loitering in this forum please say hi. Always nice to hear from those who have 100llbs+ to lose

x x x
I am here Buffy. This used to be a really busy forum. I need buddies!