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Anyone tried Wii Fit

I think its really good but I am not very good at being consistent, I play with it more than I do it as exercise really but you can do jogging and proper exercise, most things are more fun and toning. Not sure if I would say you would loose weight with it unless you jog constantly. Kids will love it though with the hula hoops and trying to catch fish by leaning back and forwards etc... its fun, not sure if its a real gym substitute
I beg to differ my brother in law has lost 3st through using the wii fit and eating healthy so there's no reason that you can't do this as a gym substitute. We got DD one for X-mas and believe me I'm borrowing it!:D
Buy one NOW!!! I guarantee it will be the best £70 you have ever spent. I would be completely lost without mine. I have never really been one for exercise but i now look forward to using it for at least and hour every day. I really enjoy the yoga and the step class is great fun.


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I never get on it if the kids are around, but it is worth the £69.99 that i paid on Amazon.
A fab Xmas present.
I got one for Christmas! I went on last night for the first time and am going to keep going on it too, granted all I did was the balance games but it was really good!
I've just sent for Wii with Wii Fit from Amazon. Heard really good reports about it. Can't wait for it to arrive!
the wii fit is great but just like going to the gym, you have to be self motivated to get on it. speaking of which, haven't been on mine for months but since i started CD yesterday, ghetting on it right now and will keep myself motivated to do it as often as i can so i dont get the dreaded saggy skin!
If I don't use it my OH will go barmy! He's not that happy that I have bought it as we can't really afford it - still what's another £170 on the cc? lol
I'm another one who would recommend the wii fit. I'm just off mine. I do 20 mins of the aerobic exercises every day combined with some weights and sit-ups. I love the hula hooping but i'm knackered after 10 mins of it lol :D
Lets face it any form of movement and exercise is great. Its not a total body workout like tonning etc but great for beginners on cardio. Use it as a tool to build yourself up for the real deal later on
we had a wii fit just before x mas. Even playing the bowling on wi sports your exercising. constanly standing and sitting lol.
Ski jump on wii fit Is very toning, I played it for like 30mins and the next day my muscles ached really bad, I knew I had done exercise without feeling I had. It's more fun than being on a tredmill hehe!! and everyone can join in. If you dont want ppl to know your weight you can password it which is good too.
Tess x
Hi All

Thanks for the advice everyone - Im off to buy one tomorrow!!!! I like the idea that you can password your weight!! Also good to play with the kids.

Can't really afford another £70 either but what the hell - not going out for meals at the moment - so I'm treating myself!!!!

We love ours. I know its not very CD friendly to have friends round for drinks and nibbles but when we have and we all take turns at the different things its great fun.
Like many i did no exercise other than walking the dog but i agree that any exercise is better than none.
You'll have such fun with it.
Hey hun, my H2B ordered one for me for Christmas, and it finally got delivered today!!! (He ordered it on 22nd Nov and this is the first time they've had it in stock). Sadly I can't play on it today as it's been delivered to his parents' place so I need to pick it up tomorrow.

Hope it's as good as everyone says! I cancelled my gym membership due to lack of funds so am hoping it will be something of a fun substitute!! xxx
Hi Wannebeslim
I've got one now from Argos and its great fun - especially the hula hooping - I was getting good scores and I did work up a bit of a sweat so think it will work well with fitness!!!

Let me know what you think of yours

We use ours quite a bit, the kids love it and i prefer for them to using it rather than sitting down on the playstation for hours.
The hula hoop is my fav it feels like a great work out.

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