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Anyone up for a Christmas Challenge?

It's just over 2 months till Christmas now .... My plan is to refeed around the 18th December and go straight back on LT TFR 26th or 27th.
I have got just under another 3 st to loose to get to my goal but I was wondering if anyone was up for a Christmas Challenge of say ... 2 stone by Christmas????

Sno xxx
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hi snowy some of the guys have already set up their christmas challenges but Im sure theres more out there ready to join you
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I've already challenged myself to lose 45lbs by Xmas -I've 17 off so I'll join your list too and aim for 28lbs. I am going to do it I tell ya!!!
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Yes please,can I join?!!!

Set myself a target of 3 stone by xmas and have lost 13lbs so far so I'll pledge 29lbs.

Yes please,can I join?!!!

Set myself a target of 3 stone by xmas and have lost 13lbs so far so I'll pledge 29lbs.


Sure hun more the merrier xxx

I have decided to go for 3 stone instead of 2! Might be a bit optimistic but gives me something to aim for and afterall in the 12 weeks I have been on LT so far I have lost 4st 1lb!!!!:p


Is thinking positive!
I will join also, I have another 2 stone to lose to reach my target of getting down to 20..So count me in! :):)
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Hiya chick, can i get in on that as well? I have lost 11lbs so far but what was hoping for around 2 stone at xmas too.


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I would love to join you all on this too.
2 stone for me would be amazing. When does it start from - today or our next WI?:)
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OK am up for this. I intend to refeed from the 6th December because I will have completed my 1st phase of 12 weeks by then. I would love to lose 4 stone in total by then. Lost 30 already soooo 26 pounds to go in 7 weeks which means I need about 4 pounds a week. Hope that isn't to ambitious.

mrs bee

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yes please ! I still have 2st3 to lose by xmas!!
Have decided to stick to my original plan of loosing 2 further stone for Christmas - I think 3 stone is a bit ambitious for me!
If I manage to loose more than 2 stone its a bonus.

Think it would be nice if we all posted challege related stuff on this thread .... until we are hopefully all at our targets for Christmas.


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I'm up for this challenge. It's my plan to come off lt then anyway so hopefully it'll be more than 2stone but id be happy with that.
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Me, me, me!!!!!!!!!

Can I join you all please? I have another 25lb to lose to get to my target and I'm desperate to do it for Christmas!!!! With less than 10 weeks to go I know I really need to lose about 3lb a week to do it and have time to refeed but my losses have definitely slowed down lately!!!!

Can't think of a name for us at the mo, maybe someone with more imagination than me can help!

Good luck everyone.

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I'm in :D

Not sure i will lose 2st though as my losses aren't very good. So i'll aim for 1st 7lbs - 2st.

I will be refeeding around the 19th or 20th of December & will be getting back on LT probably on the 27th.


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Hmmm names thinking festive season sooo
"Turkeys lose their 2 stone stuffing"
"2 stone xmas crackers"
"Unwrap yourself for xmas"
lol will try and think of some more...
Yeah i would love to join i have lost 3 stonne so far and want to lose another 3 but i may find that to hard so i am happy to set it at 2 stonne for christmas and than lose the other stonne after christmas.. If i manage to lose 3 wow what a christmas present.. ;);)

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