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Anyone up for a stick to it and move challenge.

I have been very slack at sticking to cd during the evening and im sure we all have difficult times and so i got to thinking how can i get over this. Firstly i thought well you need to get moving and secondly you need to be busy. It works that i know for sure when im sat i want too eat.
Oh and of course you can keep adding to that list, just go in and edit or copy and paste.
So heres the idea list the jobs that you need to get done so thats the first challenge the second is when you feel the urge to eat pick one on the list you havent done and go do it.
I am sure i wont want to do that last yuk job so i will chose not to eat lol....
Anyway there are only so many showers a person can take in a day.

My list is as follows.
Clean down kitchen surfaces (Done)

Clean the windows
wash down the paintwork
Clean out the chickens
Cut the grass
Change the bedding
Fill up the bird feeders
Wash the car
Hoover the car
Hoover the house
Paint the kitchen
Dig the allotment.

You see if i did these jobs i wouldnt have time to eat. Im hoping to pick up some job ideas of you guys as well
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Lol thats a great idea hun, only I spent the whole day yesterday doing housework so have no chores left to do!! I will however join you in the "urge to eat, do something" principle, as ironically I just did before coming on here.... When I feel the urge I will get out my stepper and keep going until I have decided the pang has passed! xx
trouble is i can always find something too do lol........... Keep on stepping i can eat for the both of us.:eatdrink023:
Thats a really good idea sallies i will make a list and post it on here for next week when i get home(at brothers at mo although i could always do his chores for him!) It is definatley the hardest time when sitting down. I see you have chickens too cleaning them keeps you busy doesnt it ( we have 3 ex battery hens). Will get compiling my list:)
Great folks theres nothing like a bit of company while doing the chores ha ha. Started this thread on the pink site and everyone has disapeared cleaning theres no one to talk too. ha ha.:giggle:
S: 15st7lb C: 14st11lb G: 11st7lb Loss: 0st10lb(4.61%)
lol sallies tbh i just hate housework- would rather exercise than clean!! Have done 2 lots of 5 minutes on the stepper on hardest setting during the ads in "Downsize Me" and drunk 2 pints of water... I'm thinking this is a good idea!! For the housework issue I blame my messy OH who creates a trail of debris everywhere he goes... when we first moved in together it drove me insane as was cleaning every minute i had but now i have decided to just let go and let him clear up after himself!! :D x
As you can see by the list im not set on the idea myself. Its just too darn cold to get out and do anything today so jollying around on the forums ha ha.
I pass the evening time on the forums, especially when DH is eating and I can look through and see the TV in the background if I want to watch something at the same time.
Morning all, im up for moving today after cheating with chocolate yesterday. doh i could kick myself, yes im going away to kick myself. lol..............

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