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Anyone up for a superspeed week?


Slimming for my children
Ok so a few of us are annoyed at the weight losses this week included moi!

I havent a clue what the superspeed thing is all about but I know you can speed up your weight loss and this is what we want right?

If your up for it and also know how to do it please enlighten me lol.
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Count me in!

My swc says "a melon a day keeps lisa away" !

She says if you eat a melon a day it will really boost your losses.
In your list of free foods, some have SS beside them - that means super speed food. Just eat loads of those!


Is so very nearly there!
G: 12st2lb

Im game, can we have a list of ss foods?!!


Is so very nearly there!
G: 12st2lb

Baked Beans

Carry on!!x


Slimming for my children
any melon?

got my book with me....

RED DAYS- Tripe, cod, coley, john dory, lemon sole, monkfish, plaice, skate, whiting, clams, cockles, ceab canned, crayfish, cuttlefish, octypus, oysters, squid, whelks, winkles ;), dab, flounder, flying fish, hoki, ling, parrot fish, pollack, red snapper, tilapia,

GREEN DAYS:- baked beans, black gram beans, broad beans, butter beans, cannelini beans, garden peas, mushy peas, petis pois, sword beans,

Both days - Babaco, bilberries, blackberries, blackcurrents, coysenberries, cranberries, gooseberries, grapefruit, guava, kiwano, lemons, limes, loganberries, loquats, melon, pmelo, raspberries, redcurrents, rhubarb, strawberries, ramarillos, whitecurrants, yellow plums.

pmsl @ winkles!

I'm really worried about my WI tomorrow after stepping on my scales today, which reckons I've put on :( I've been so good, so a SS week sounds the business for me too. I think watermelon is only regular speed but all other melons are SS.



rainbows holiday buddy :)
watermelon isn't a superspeed food but all the others are.

i tried this a few weeks after joining SW and only lost 1lb - i was adding superspeed food to my diet rather than replacing other foods, so i was eating more food than i normally would have! lol


Slimming for my children
oh lol.
So basically eat normal but just try and add as much superfood instead? Like so a jacket with beans one night with watermelon for desert? I love the honeydew ones!!!


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Hi all

I'm fairly new to this site but an old timer at SW.

Have been 100% this week but had pants loss. Pretty miserable about it as off on hols in 2 weeks and really wanted to lose 1 and half stone before. Going with in-laws and they are so nasty about 'fat' people so dreading putting on my bikini.

Anyhow, a Superspeed week is needed and was thinking about it before seeing this post so definitely count me in!

Melons it is then. Good job mine are a 34K!!!!!

S: 13st7lb C: 11st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.7 Loss: 1st8lb(11.64%)
I'm up for a superspeed week, dont think I've lost more than a lb, weigh in at 7.30. I'll give this ago along with a kind of success express and see how that goes, if I don't get a great loss next week, will have to join a gym :cry:

It's a green day today for me, good luck everyone :D


rainbows holiday buddy :)
oh lol.
So basically eat normal but just try and add as much superfood instead? Like so a jacket with beans one night with watermelon for desert? I love the honeydew ones!!!
replace what you would eat with as much superspeed as possible. for example if you were going to have pasta for dinner, instead of having a whole plate of pasta, have half and plate then fill the rest of you plate with salad. that kind of thing.

success express is a good one to follow - apparently that gives the best losses. details are on SW website.

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