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anyone used autoglass


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cos I need a whole new window then i will have to pay a bit. On the autoglass website it says it won't affect my no claims so fingers crossed it won't. BTW hubby is paying for it to be replaced!


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I used them last year, needed a full windscreen too. Arranged the appointment online and they came out and replaced it on my workplace car park (after they checked the size of the crack and advised it was safe to drive). Just had to pay the excess on my policy, and didn't affect no claims. x


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I've used them twice (full rear windscreen/passenger side window replacement), no probs at all, didn't pay a penny as it was under my insurance and they did an amazing job. Couldn't even tell it was ever broken and it didn't take long at all.


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Please check with your insurance company first! I have used them and they were fab (I lost 3 windscreens, a rear windscreen and a side window in two years - dont ask!) but my current insurer wont accept them and I had to have their own team to come out to the car.


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I think a full windscreen costs approx £75 - but as you said doesnt affect no claims or anything xxx On you insurance document there should be a cost stated.


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We used them to get a full windscreen replaced. It cost us about £70 and we had to wait a while for an appointment (about 2 weeks). The service was really good when they arrived, however i do have to say i was disappointed they replaced our windscreen with a like-for-like model and not the car manufacturers, fingers crossed it won't affect us when we go to exchange the car.


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I've had it fixed but here is a word of warning. My insurance company who are AXA say that it doesn't affect your no claims on their website but thinking I'd check with a human being & it DOES it freezes my no claims for a year. I was told I was on the WRONG axa website & I shouldn't have used google to search for it :confused: After being talked through how to find it including having to search for about 10 mins as the operator found it & it says
Q- if my windscrean cracks & it get it repaired will it affect my no claims
A No, your no claims will be frozen for a year :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

Surely when they say that it shouldn't affect my no claim but freezing it for a year DOES affect

I am hoping mad :mad::mad::mad:

Oh autoglass were great :)


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Its really sneaky - both statement are right! If u have 5 years no claims, then yoi won't lose them for claiming ( so it does not affect it) but when you renew you won't get 6 years no claims (so it is frozen for a year)
Hate insurance companies - its basically legalised theft.
Autoglass are really good though

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