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Anyone vomited ... ??

Sorry I always seem to have awful questions ..

Had my last shake at 7.30 .. Normal routine up to that work etc gym for 30 mins ... home ... But after getting out of the shower at 10 pm .. Brushed my teeth & I was moisturising and just all of a sudden got a metal taste in my mouth and started to retch and then I vomited!

Totally out of the blue .. Not that anything only liquid came up .. My tum is still a bit funny .. Has this happen anyone else?

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No, not actually been sick but i felt really nauseous at times last week. Gone now though.
Although saying that, i did wake in the early hours one night last week with sick in my throat...yuck...
I felt very nauseaus at the beginning but its passed now. There are side effects on this but they pass. Horrible I know but more horrible being overweight, thats what I keep telling myself. This is no easy diet but if we can do this we can do anything and I think it makes us stronger in both mind and body. Have to keep going no matter what, thats my motto now, I just hope I keep thinking like this. Mind over matter. The sickness will pass; keep goin, we can do this!!! x
I didn't actually vomit last night but sat by the toilet for 10 mins last night feeling the need to. It was horrible i was clammy and had a horrible sleep last night as well.
Thanks for the messages guys ... Well only 10 more days so I'll stick it out!

38 days done so I suppose my body might be kicking back a bit ... Still queasy this morning but it's bearable! Just was a complete shock last night!

All for the greater good .. Have a good day all!

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Becky I see ur using ur iPhone as well so was wondering if you can help me. Every time I go into my profile or messages it tells me permission denied do you know how I can gain access?!

Are you new to the site? If so don't worry ... You have to make 50 posts before you can see your profile and others ... A couple of hours after your 50th post you can open all the sections!

If you have posted loads before I'm not sure ... Sorry!

Hope that helps!


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