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Anyone want to join me in a mini challenge?


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Eversince I had my week off plan, I've not been 100% for more than 3 or 4 days, I've nibbled and tried to stick to protein, but thats not always been the case. I know I've chosen to do that, and thats up to me, you live and die (or lose and gain ;)) by the decisions you make and I've made mine.

So, I have 30 days to lose (officially) 9lbs, however I think I've gained some since my WI on tuesday. So as of NOW I will be SS 100%. No picking, no tasting, no meat....nothing, other than my choc tetras and fluids.

I will also re-introduce my arm exercises as I have a photo shoot on the 13th August, wearing my wedding dress, so need to tone my arms as much as i can for then!

Who is with me.... list your own challenges :)
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Hello RuthG im the same last wi i didnt go for wi has i had a cheating week.

I have till 12th August to loose 7 lbs so id like to work with you maybe?? Get this goal out of the way.

Im back on SS+ was ment to be going up the ladder to 1200plan thats a nooo nooo for a while lol.


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Hi Ruth. Well after having the WORST weekend ever since starting CD I really must start again tomorrow. This weekend I have ate more than I did one a one weeks all inclusive holiday. So, I have 39 days to lose 18lb. Going on holiday again on 4th Sepember and going to aim to be at goal by then (9st 13lb).

RuthG - 9lb
Shanny24 - 7lb
Mia - 18lb
hey girls,

I do exactly the same and drag my weight loss out so much because of the nibbling, i had managed a 100% week until today and ended up having some chicken.
As you can see i have a holiday goal and if i dont stick to this for the next 2 months then i will hate my holiday and it will be ruined as i will spend all my time covering up and feeling rubbish! So i need to be 100%!!!!!!!!!!! We can do it!- have a real serious word with your self before you let the food near your lips! xx
I'll join you! I'd like to lose at least another 10lbs (after tomorrow's WI) by August 14th because I have my first proper gallery launch and I know people will be taking my photograph for the media and I look awful!!! No good at all!!! Only hitch is that I can't give you a chart because I didn't want to know my start weight! You will just have to trust me!


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Yes, me, read your messages :-(


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How is it going then everyone? I've had 2 tetras today, don't know how much fluid, but I'm weeing like there is no tomorrow!


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Well having had a crap week and a loss of perhaps 1lb (if I'm being generous) this week, am recommitting as of NOW. Well, today. I've had all three shakes today, and at least 3l of water, with another litre to go before bed. Feel hungry, crap, tired and p*ssed off.

Did it to myself so utterly deserve it. But today was better, even though all I can think about is cheese. Sorry.

I'm so in the same boat as most of you! i did SS for 4 weeks, lost 18lb, went on holiday and it all went wrong!
I haven't put any weight back on (suprisingly) but am desperate to get back into it!
I need some inspiration and motivation to shed these last 22lb!


:eek:21st August 11st7lb (11lb to go)
:eek:15th September 10st10lb (another 11lb)


Skinny girl in a fat body
Come on KittyKat1, you can do it!!

I am in the same boat, lost 32lb went on holiday (put 2.25lb back on) and trying to get back into it. I am going away again in 38 days and want to lose 18lb. Come and join our Sepember Holiday Challenge,it will tie in with your 15th September goal. You will get inspiration and motivation there becasue we are all doing it togeter with the same time limit.
Morning everyone well im shaking my first shake for the day as i type lol.
seeing my cd tomorrow morning see what i can do as only 16days till my hoilday now and still need that weight off.

Hoping everyone is well today? x
hello girls, well iam at the nd of my first 100% week today, i get weighed at 2pm, i had some prawns on sat.. i was sooooooo desperate- weak of me i know! but have stuck to all my shakes, not missed any, and had my water everyday, so not a complete 100% but an improvement on my nibbling!
the issue i have is that i can normally feel my weight loss, and normally get my guess at everyweeks weigh in near enough spot on, this week however i dont feel that ive lost any at all in fact im fearing for the first time ever its not worked for some strange reason,i know im prob being silly but nothing changed, not even a bit of looseness on my clothes. I will wait and see and let you know how i get on... xx
Hope you all having a good day x


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Hi Girls,

I know i'm late in but could i possibly join you? I have mini (not THAT mini actually) of getting to 13.7 (18 lbs away) and im also a naughty nibbler. When i get to that my hubby has promised me a MASSIVE shopping spree and we can burn all my old fat clothes :D silly i know. in 6 WI's it will be september the 4th and id hope to have atleast 12 of those away (would love 18 but dont want a fail)
Well I got weighed and managed to stay the same - what a relief!!!! I've now set myself the challenge of losing AT LEAST another stone before 15th September!!!

Wish me luck!!!!

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