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anyone watching extreme male beauty C4?

I love this series! We always talk about it in work on a friday. My stomach doesn't look much differnet to the bloke who's having surgery.

Did you see it last week? :-O
no - what was he up to?

thought that about mine too!

daisy x
the first week was about moobs

last week was about wil***es!

This week abs

Next week faces (boring!)

oh i missed the willies one - what was he trying to do it?!

daisy x
hw was trying to make it longer daisy (ouch) one of the things he tried was a suction tube thing, and he added these kinda weights on to it to stretch it!! x


is loving CWP xx
Sick man. Why???????????????


...we're sinking deeper.
The 'manhood' episode is still on 4oD 'Catch-Up' Daisy! :p
I suppose it's fair enough to get surgery if the excess skin is that severe... I'm even happy for my tax money to go on it so that the NHS do it more - might as well encourage more people to lose weight and keep it off... and probably in the long-term, a one-off surgery would cost the NHS less than lifestime of obesity related illnesses and conditions...

Though the surgery itself is quite terrifying, as I get older I get more and more squeamish... lol. EEK.
ewww no thanks min, sounds horrible!
think i will give watching the willy episode a miss!
daisy x

(ps did it work?!)

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