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anyone wi today (wednesday)


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it is my second wi tonight. dont feel great about it. have worked out that i have gone 18syns over. have written out a food diary and will give it to Vanessa tonight.

was speaking to my hubby this morning and i think that he wants to go back to footie coaching on a wednesday but doesnt want to upset me re my class, but i have found another class on a monday but it is with another consultant. bit nervous as i really like Vanessa but will see next monday, plus i like the idea of weighing in on a monday.x
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Hi hun, i had wi and i gained 2lbs, my own doing though. You never know you may still have lost, 18 syns over a week isn't that bad. Good luck for wi tonight x
Good luck....

I weigh in tonight. I'm at home off work with a cold and feeling rubbish, so I'm not feeling too positive about losing tonight.

At least you know where you've gone over, so if you've not lost you'll know why, which is the main thing. What's worse is when you're totally good but don't lose and can't see why not.

Regarding your meeting, it's a shame to change when you've got a consultant that you like. But perhaps go to this other meeting on a monday as a visitor and see what it's like, that could help you decide whether to change or not. It's got to fit with your family life - how nice of your OH to consider your sw class though :)


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Hi all, been to weigh-in ....put on 1/2 lb. Not to bothered, its nothing major. I shall just keep going :)
I weigh in tonight, i got my 4 stone sticker last week, but am nervous this week as i always gain after i get a sticker.. a sub-concious sabotage i think.. i just go crazy lol. Iv been reli good this week.. bar the miss millies i ahd to celebrate last wed.. so we'l see. iv just made the silly mistake of treating myself to white bread ( as my theory is no matter what u eat on a wednesday no matter what good/or damage youv alreayd done, eating before WI will make no diff) and now i feel sick. isnt funny the things you used to love arn't as nice as you remember them once you'v discovered healthier eating!! x


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Had my weigh in this morning & i've put on 1/2lb :sigh:, still, was half expecting it, too much vodka at the weekend & i had 3 pieces of southern style chicken (it was cookced in the oven!) & i slice of cheese pizza, thought it may have evened itself out though as i'd never had any syns that day (sun), well till then anyway! & i never had any syns on the mon or tues. I really want to loose 3.5lb next week to get my club 10 & 1.5st award. xx


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I weighed in lunchtime and lost 1lb. Good luck to everyone with WI tonight xx


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my tummy has gone all puffy, i cant think what i ate that might have caused it. not good for wi. I am going swimming with my boys after work so hopefully it will go down :(
Hi guys i get weighed tonight about quarter to seven. My second week hasn't great as it was a bank holiday and I'm rubbish at eating at the weekends so add another day and i'm done for! I'll let you all know later. x
I lost 1/2 pound. Really pleaseed with that as I had 4 slices of pizza last Tursday, a donut on friday and just generally over syns over the b/h weekend. really pleaseed with 1/2 lb
I've lost 3.5lbs!!! I am over the moon (in a subdued, poorly way!)... That's my holiday weight gone and a little more. I've never lost this much in a week since starting SW... HOORAY!

Hi i weighed in this morning and lost 2.5lb:Dx


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Had my first WI and lost 1lb which I am happy with as I am feeling very pre-menstrual.