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Anyone with an account or mortgage with Northern Rock ??

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I used to many years ago.

To be fair I don't think anyone is going to lose their money as the Bank Of England and Chancellor have given assurances and hence they aren't going to go bust as the government would look very silly.

Saying that they are very likely to be taken over by a bigger bank.

It isn't the savers I feel for, it is the shareholders who will lose big!

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well the company i work for has Northern Rock as its client and yes i do deal for them dunno what will happen to us if they get taken over we were told on Friday not to worry but im not so sure now !!
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I've got my motgage with NR - not concerned at the moment!
My Hubby has an account with them, he's not worried at all, problem now too many panicking for no reason really which may cause a bigger problem. That's us brits for ya!....xxx
I agree that people should in times like these keep their head. But .............mmmm if you were 73 with your life savings in there, you might just be tempted to take the money out and stick it under your mattress.

It is not that long ago that the Mirror Group pensioners were told there was nothing to worry about.

I think my rule of thumb is, if you can afford to lose it, by all means, leave it in. But given that customers no longer have to show loyalty to a bank (when they show nothing to their customers), you can understand why people might not be so trusting.


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My Mum is 90 and she has a sizeable amount in NR. I have written to NR asking for all of it to be paid into her current account. With all the panic being shown in the press she has been worrying all the time. I thought that it was not right that she should be worrying about it all at her time of life hence my action.

I think the press fuel a lot of these reactions. Alliance and Leicester was mentioned this morning and that was enough for my husband to walk around like a bear with a sore head. His money is in A & L.

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