Apart from weight loss what other goals have you set yourself


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I am desperate to curb my spending. I want to start saving and become more responsible with money.

Like I overeat food I overspend money.

I have just cleared my credit card but have a catalogue and a loan to pay off...if I am as strong willed as I am with my weight then I should be clear in 2 years time.

What about you what other area in your life needs sorting out?
I want to learn to drive then I can look at getting a job that I really want but can't apply for because it is too far away or that I need to drive for.

I also want to go to college so that I can train to be a Social Worker and get paid the right amount of money for the job that I am already doing!!!

Both of these things I have put off because of my weight and with my confidence increasing every week I think I may actually achieve both of these in the near future.

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I want to do things I couldn't have done being so overweight. SO ... I'm going to:

*Ride a horse
*Go ice-skating
*Try salsa dancing
*Try jiving with hubby (he doesn't know this yet!)
*I've told hubby that when I'm lighter than him he's giving me a piggy back around the garden
*Take scuba diving lessons
*Go gliding
*Go on a big charity trek
*Ride a water flume

No point in losing weight if I don't make the most of it! I've been imprisoned in a fat suit for decades and my release date is in sight!! :D :D