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Apolagies, not being around for long time!

Hi everyone,

Apolagies to everyone, not being on this forum for a long time now and you've probably forgotton me anyway but that's fine, I'd like to forget me too sometimes..lol!
Anyway, don't want to bore everyone with my story, will keep it short as possible,
2006, lost 3 stone with CD before holiday to mexico, came back off holiday, started to have problems with my back, I had a MRI scan, injections ect, 3 damaged discs in neck and lower back, been having physio for the last six months (in a gym..I work really hard and come home in agony, but the physio says I have to do it), doing that twice a week and it's still ongoing but backpain much much better as long as I keep active.
In the meantime, I have put back on 2 1/2 stone, I won't lie, it's all down to comfort eating and eating at night which is really bad I know - my way of coping with pain!

Something snapped in my head at the weekend...you know like it does and this little voice said, this is it..you can't go on like this you are so miserable and you were so happy with the weight off so on Monday/Tuesday 10/11th Sept I did low carb and officially started back on CD Wednesday and I've been ok, headaches not too bad, bearable and just feeling abit tired at the moment, but feeling alot slimmer already!
Another boost for me is booking the holiday for next year (3rd May) and that really does spur me on as I need to shift 4 stone, maybe after that an extra 7 pounds but don't want to look ill, getting old now (42) and I won't look like I did at 22....lol! But should do that by at least the end of January then I can do maintanance properly (which I didn't do before...naughty)!

I'm glad to be back, this forum and you guys helped alot last time so fingers crossed I can do it again but BETTER!!!

Cheers susan
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Welcome back susandan
Regaining weight is not unusual - so many people have experienced it (me included) but you haven't failed because you're still battling: you haven't given up!

Sorry to hear about your bad back - that's got to be one of the worst conditions because you can get by with a sore hand but every part of your body is connected to your back ... hurt that and everything you do is affected. Hope things are improving for you.

A nice holiday is certainly a good incentive to shift some weight and you've got plenty of time to do it on CD. I restarted myself on Monday so am on day 4 ... things are getting a wee bit easier. My own interim goal is to lose the weight I've regained (4st) by the end of the year so here's hoping!

Good luck on your new journey :)
hi susan,im starting back on cd tommorrow as i suffer with me back.I have got a degenerating disc,i had spinal injections pyhsio etc.In march i had an op to take some bone and move the nerve.Ive been of work for 6 months.My pain has started again,monday night went to a friends sat back on their settee and bruised all my back on some wood at the back of the settee.oooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccchhhhhhhhhh.
Surgeon has said to me get that weight off,so here i am back on cd tommorrow.Were a right pair susan ,good luck give me a shout if you want to scream xxxxxxxxx
Awwww...aren't you all great, I'm trying to do this for the first few weeks without telling anyone, not even hubby because he doesn't get in from work till 7pm so I just say I've eaten.

I've got a smashing hubby, he's amazing, but as much as he tries he doen't understand me one bit...he's 6 feet and has trouble keeping the weight on :mad:, he's just under 11 stone..makes me so angry sometimes!
he's tried to convince me that maybe my body likes being 14 stone 6 pounds as that always seems to be the max I get to but I aint having any and I'm just not happy being like this! Doesn't matter how good someone says you look, if you don't feel it, it aint right...with me?

I'm sure he'll notice at the weekend though..lol, can't get out of that one!

Paula 36...hope you feeling better soon, even though I have the 3 discs damaged in neck and lower back (them injections are evil by the way) I'm working on my core muscles with the physio because she reckons that's causing alot of pain....but I'm really not too bad a the moment, so fingers crossed, but it's the most awful pain to have and I wouldn't wish it on anyone, so take care..xx

Off for some physio now...

cheers susan

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