Apologies...just for a bit of fun and distraction!

Hey Guys,

Just want to apologise if i avidly reply to threads today. Ive woken up so so so hungry since 6.30 today.

Ive been snowed in, thus I cant go out. There is food in the house and though I have no intention of cheating im struggling! I have a headache (taken two tablets)

So apologies am just trying to keep myself amused!

Im going to think of a question, see people responses....

If you could see yourself in six months time, where would you most like to be, what would you want to be wearing and how would you want to feel? Anyone thats bored!

Ill start:

I would want to be in disneyworld, walking around in a pair of little denium shorts and a vest....with a lovely bf and feeling happy and content....(a girl can but dream!) xx:D
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Ooh great question! :)

I would love to be on holiday somewhere hot wearing size 12 clothes and feeling absolutely fabulous!!! :D


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Ooooh I would love to be somewhere hot wearing a nice little summer dress...or tbh even just be at home wearing and looking good in a small pair of jeans and a simple white t-shirt....


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I'd actually just like to be AT work!!!! and not stuck at home coz of poxy snow !!!!!!

*simple things*

*waves to me little friends*


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I would love to be lying on the beach, looking fabulous in a bikini, drinking a tequila sunrise :) without having to strategically think about how I'm going to move about on the lounger to cover the spare tyres lol.


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Hmmm I would like to be enjoying a romantic warm summers evening stroll on the beach with a handsome, gorgoeus man, in a floaty hippy type dress (size 10). I wouldnt be afraid of skinny dipping neither! x


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LOVE my job...but no work no pay!!! (driving instr) im self employed so double edged sword ho hum


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Oh gotta be Disney !!!
I fancy the Disney Cruise ! I will be wearing a lil skirt with my tanned legs and a nice top, size 10 hopefully and strutting my stuff ! However when I got to goal I was still a 12/14 so my thighs ain't ever gonna be a size 10.

I would also like to go to a posh ball in an evening dress ! Preferably some kind of celeb do - here's wishing !
No concern for skinny dipping, nor panicking that something is falling out, or that people are looking at your for the wrong reasons! Bring on summer 2010!

Wow, mrs essex- balls of steel, teaching people to drive im sure can be harrowing lol! I passed 6 years ago yet still remember not quite working out how to go from 4th to 2nd and sailing into a roundabout (you think im jokin!)xxx


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I wouldn't really mind where I was as long as I was more comfortable with myself


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oooh - I want to be in a happy mindset packing my size 16 (hopefully) clothes into my suitcase ready for my trip to America which I'm going on on the 10th July ---- I'd (or should that be I'll) be as happy as Larry.... whoever Larry may be :)


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A happy male???? NEVER.........LMAO!!!


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Ooo ... Id love to be in a great pair of Levis
(my friend gave me some 8 yrs ago as an incentive haha)
a little vest top nice belt kinda peeking out the bottom ... Umm ..

Orrrr .. in a nice pair of white linen trousers lovely sandels and clingy top propping up a bar in turkey with my lovely BF .. who would then hopefully propose to me !!!!!!!!! ~ahhhh dreams~