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I do. I'm blaming the weather, it's up and down, hot then snowing, then raining and blowing a gale.... I get all mentally ready for healthy salad and grilled BBQ chicken, and then it starts tipping down and I want bangers n mash with lashings of gravy to warm up!


But I'm not hungry, it's just cos it's on my mind.... Step AWAY from the kitchen....... hehe !
Its craving because you think you cant have it, your not really hungry just craving. If you can get through it it will pass, but from experiance i know what is FAR easier said than done.
Try having some kind of drink to put you off. If its still a problem then make up some zero points jelly. Has done me wonders the past week, wouldnt have got by without it.
Oh ive done the jelly thing already didn't do much help :(...my cravings are currently just crap...pizza, Mc D's....anything dripping in points :(

I think its because i've hit a plateau again...im now just in a "im not losing it i may aswell eat" mood...Ahhhh!!

It'll pass however...it always does...plus i've now a holiday on 21st of June as a motivator and a wedding on 10th July so that will keep me on the straight and narrow while away...i hope :D

ah i am the same, me and my friend were just talking about it this evening. I just want to eat all the time, I amnt hungry its my head. I dont seem to have the willpower like most people have.


I'm going to be slim
Just had a look at your stats you have & are doing amazing stick with it & you'll be at goal soon

Hi it can be the above,you have done fantasticly well done but hows life at the moment? It takes us to gain weight usually by the above and years to relearn not to

Also I find when Im extra hungry I lose more your body may be using up fat stores? TOTM that makes us hungry?
I know what you mean about jelly not cutting it when you are craving crap. But as you said you have events coming up so think of those. Maybe give yourself a pointed treat once theyve finished? Hope it all goes well for ya hun :)
I dont no what it is...i've not eatin any of the crap im craving...YET, however have been snacking loads. But have walked to and from work the last 2 days which is 16 miles in 4 hours so maybe that will counteract it...

However, i think if i just have some of what i'm craving that'll be it....such a dilemma :(

Thanks all :D



chunky chick :-)
you have done amazingly well hunni, can you not just encorporate a wee treat inrto your points this week? maybe stave off the cravings for a bit?
I just had the pizza i was craving...god was it good :D

So thats me on the straight and narrow from tomorrow....starting a new food diary too :D

Thanks everyone x

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