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Appointment with CDC on Friday at 11:30


I know I can do it..
Hi All,

Well, after reading these wonderful posts and seriously getting excited about how great this Cambridge Diet is (as well as knowing how much hard work it takes) I have made an appointment with the local CDC on Friday morning. As far as i'm concerned, it's almost all set. Going from what i've read on here, it's deffo what I want to do. I saw the GP today because i'm on antibiotics for a week for ear and chest infection *damn cold* and I mentioned it to him today and asked if he would sign it. He's never heard of it, and I also mentioned the lipotrim and he'd never heard of that either, but he said that he'd sign it and to just drop it off for him.. so, full steam ahead i hope. Looking forward to be a big loser soon hopefully.

You guys n gals are so inspirational, it's a great site and good luck to you all... I can sense a slimmer me on the way lol :) ;)
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always lurkin around!
good luck hun on your cd journey keep posting on here and let us know how u get on xx
Good luck...I am on day 4 and its just got easier.


Must do it this time
hey hun and welcome to cd,
you sound so positive,keep this feeling in your head and you`ll do fab,
elaine x


I know I can do it..
Hi all, thanks Elaine, Carolyn, Mooee, Sue and Spooky

I will deffo keep posting and reading. Well, i'm 23 stone, BMI of 52!!! so i've got a long, tough journey ahead of me but i've never been so positive about a diet before. :) looking forward to the future

Thanks again xx


Must do it this time
once you have a p.m.a(positive mental attitude) hun your half way there,willpower,water,water,water,water oh yes and did i mention water are big factors in this diet.
post often no matter what,ask all the questions you need to,we are all here and looking forward to hearing your losses.
i remember when i first started cd i was like a child on christmas morning,all excited,let us know how oyu get on,
elaine x


I know I can do it..
*mental note* WATER, WATER and MORE WATER.... ok lol

Thanks Elaine, i'm sure i'll be posting on here EVERY night, even if it's rubbish coming off my fingers... as long as it keeps me away from the fridge lol

Your weight loss stats are impressive, it must be really motivating seeing the weight come off a bit faster than other diets. I'm looking forward to it, so I can get more energy and feel happier because then, i'll be even more positive about continuing.
I know this is gonna sound daft and it's not what's going to happen, but in my mind i'd like to...

**disappear for 10 months, not see anyone I know and lose 10 stone (or as much as possible) and then see everyone**

I know it sounds daft, but oh my god.. it would be amazing to walk (instead of waddle) around the place with positive comments for a change. It's gonna happen, and I'm looking forward for the day xx


Creating my life
Just wanted to say good luck Tracey. The weird thing about this diet is that it does really work! You just have to stick to it - and you sound like you are in the right place to do that. You will be amazed where you are in a month or two from now!


Trying to stay healthy!
Hi tracey, welcome to the site and good luck with starting cd soon!!

No it doesn't sound daft, that's just what i wanted t do when starting, hide myself away, avoiding nights out etc and reappear looking totally different!! it's a good feeling when your friends & family are shocked by the difference.
I'm sure you read loads of the advice already but the best thing i did before starting was to prepare by drinking loads of water and cuttng down/out the carbs in the days before, i think it helped!

Good luck!!

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