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Ok this month Im aiming for 5kg and hopefully will stick to it!
i will just go for 4lb, i lose weight really slow
Ive got 5 weigh in's for April and Im having a month of no booze...well between now and the 25th as thats when I go to Italy for the weekend and I know my food intake will be bad! Gelato and Pasta Yummo! Im just hoping for a better month than March



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I count 4 Monday weight ins in this month so I really want to lose 8lb (or 2 a week ;)) but reckon just knock it down to half a stone.

My average weight loss so far is about 2.5lb so don't see why I cannot do it :D


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Hi Guys

I'm going to aim for 5ibs in april and hopefully start some excercise!!! (maybe)
Good luck april challengers here we come xx
I'd like to join in on this if I may (New to SlimFast). As I'm not sure how much I'm likely to loose I'll go for 6ibs please.
Serem of course you can join us, the more the merrier. Week 1 tends to be the biggest loss because you lose water weight and after then SlimFast says 1-2lbs a week but it depends on the person and how closely you are following it. I'm sure you will manage 6lbs.

Sattsy you lucky thing off to Italy. Well theres no chance of eating good there so you may as well enjoy it!

Ugg try to do measurements as well as weigh ins if you are going to exercise because we all know muscle is heavier. The inches will be dropping off as well as the poundage!

I'm looking forward to the April Challenge :D
Good luck dieting buddies!


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Welcome Serem and good luck xx
Hi Serem, welcome to our challange.

I log on every day (or at least try to) as it aids in keeping me motivated.

Take care

Thanks for the support everyone - I'm really finding this forum very helpful. I'm sure we can all reach our goals this month!


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Thanks FF, I needed to as i put on 3 and a half stone whilst pregnant. I'm really happy as i started slimfast Mid sep slipped off it for 2 months over xmas but have managed to pick up again. It's coming off slowly but hopefully that means i'll keep it off for longer!

Don't hold out any hope for tuesday weigh in, I drank far too much champagne and ate for britain but hey i enjoyed it!

Good luck all of you who weigh in tomorrow looking at the entries it looks as though your all doing well xx
evening everyone. i'm back on slimfast as of this week. have been on cambridge for the past 3 weeks and have managed to loose 16 lb. i'm gonna give sf another blast as i'm coughing up £35 a week. thing is i've started pinching the kids food and chocolate over easter so i'm paying the £35 and wasn't really sticking to it for the past 2 weeks. I'd lost 12lb in my first week, then 3.5 then 1.5. i've decided to give my mam £5 every tuesday when i drop the little one off and i'll get weighed then. hopefully by the time i go on holiday in september i might of got my 4 stone off (that'll be a big might-going by my track record) will check in on tuesday and put my weight in. I can't fathern how to do the ticker things so will have to just type it in every week. good luck everyone
Welcome back to Slimfast! Well done on your losses whilst on CD. SlimFast is certainly cheaper and you can eat normal food too so hopefully it won't be as hard to stick to. Are you going to make a pledge for the April Challenge?


Right to the 'point'
Good luck everyone for tomorrow onwards!

Hope we all reach our goals :D


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Well done BL another 2ibs xx

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