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Oi!! Where ru going and why wasn't I invited ;) lol!!! Just kidding!!!! Xxxx

I do about 60 lengths in an hour..... No sure if this answers your question coz I wasnt really concentrating!! Sorry!! :D xx
Yay swimming!!! Go you!!!!! C
Im going to cape verde! I cant wait but its all inclusive and I paid too much for a luxury holiday to not enjoy it so my plan was to swim loads when Im there,
I just needed to know how loads lol! probs all day! oh dear. and everyones going to hate me for mentioning food... haha



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Swimming is really good for you, try and do it in the sea to burn more calories.

30 minutes of moderate swimming burns about 340 calories, so depends on how much you plan on eating???? Are you going to take any shakes with you? I know its All Inclusive, but if you maybe did 1000 plans while you're there or 1200? That might not make you feel so bad about the food intake?
Im scared of swimming in the sea because sharks keep eating people! haha

Im not taking any shakes with me, I went to Australia for 6 weeks in the summer and I was having 2 shakes and a meal a day (whatever I wanted) and although I lost weight whilst I was there I dont want to do that this time.

Its 10 days and I intend to eat what I like but within reason. I can eat much less now as the CD has shrunk my stomach and Im going to avoid carbs as much as poss. In reality I know the likelihood is that I will gain whilst Im there but I want to do damage limitation with swimming just wondered it 2hours ish a day would be enough? Thats the sort of average I spend in a pool over a day. Or should I put in a little extra? or in reality do I need 8 hours in the pool to make up for what I intend to eat and drink! lol


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Just don't swim where shark warning flags are!

I would say that doing the exercise anyway is going to help you, so just be sensible and have good carbs e.g. brown rice / jacket potatoes that are allowed on higher plans or plan to eat a low GI diet?

I would spend all day in the sea if I could, I love it, its so good for your skin and plus you could get to play around on jet skis - always fun!

Whatever you do hun, enjoy yourself as it will be some time off and away from the diet :)

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