Are curvy models a contrivance?


Big Boy
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The American magazine V devotes its latest issue to plus-size women. Does it work?

Not much of an article, but some of the comments are very interesting, particularly this one, I totally agree with her.

Emrys Jones
When I hear a group of lads sitting outside the pub saying "Whoar, look at the flat chest on that", and "Whoar, she's got really skinny legs" I will start down the path of believing that skinny models are not a deception foisted on women by the fashion industry.

Men actually like normal shaped women, which is just as well. Lads say that they would really like to pull a 'model', then go on to describe a list of attributes that models do not have.
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Mumma K

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Its true isn't it I think men would prefer a woman of a healthy weight
with a little bit of coverage than trying to cuddle up to a bag of bones
Its all fashion hype the size zero thing and i don't think it helps with most of the celebs looking like they could do with a good meal
I think a healtly size 10/12 looks far more attractive