Are diet fizzy drinks allowed on CD?


Hi all

I'm starting CD tomorrow & just wondering if diet fizzy drinks allowed?

The new coke zero is what i'm thinking about???

Many thanks

Lorraine xx
Hi Lorraine!

Good luck with starting CD tomorrow!

For the 1st 2 weeks it's only water, no flavourings, but after that (and I'm only speaking from personal experience) I found that I could have Coke Zero and also Dr Pepper Z. People say that because they have natural flavourings in they can make you have cravings, but I've not suffered from this! I was having a can a day, but then one week I didn't lose as much and someone said that fizzy drinks can make you retain water. Also, something else to consider is that a can of fizzy a day can make you put on up to a stone a year!!! :eek:

Hopefully you'll be alright, but I'm afraid it's nothing but water for at least a week!

Sarah x
Tis true I'm afraid ... water only in week one. (I think it's ok to have black unsweetened tea & coffee though)

After that, the permitted drinks are:

CD water flavourings
Tea & coffee (black no sugar but sweeteners OK)
Perfectly Clear flavoured water STRAWBERRY & KIWI ONLY
Coke Zero/Dr Pepper Z (both in moderation)
CD savoury veg (1 tsp per day)

I'm sure that's about it: any CDs around will put me right if I've got it wrong! :)

Can't relly comment on the diet coke, I have times when I drink loads and then I go off it, at the moment and for the last 28 weeks I have been off it. The water flavourings are really nice with fizzy water (or hot if you are feeling the cold)
Its adviced that you don't so that you don't get the munchies and start thinking of eating other stuff..but its up to you :)

I have been able to chew sugar free gum all along and it's had no affect on my weight loss, or made me want to eat things!

Sarah x
The trouble with adding the extras is that if it doesn't work for you, you might find yourself falling off the wagon and unable to climb back on.

The first time you do a VLCD is your golden time. It's usually the time that you feel most motivated and are likely to stick to it. Fall off and things often go down hill.

Another thing to note, is that it's not always apparent. You have a drink, you feel fine, you carry on as normal...then you find yourself searching the fridge.

Best to keep it clean. Do what the book says...but if you really, really, cant go any longer, chose the zero coke rather than a vodka and lime :)
Hi Tash86,

You keep have already emptied your glycogen store so the zero coke would not throw you out for very long.

The main benefit of ketosis is to protect you from the hunger feeling and to make the diet comfortable for you to do.

For some like myself we get a well being feeling from ketosis, we call it being in the zone.

Love Mini xxx
don’t like black tea and coffee – can I have low-calorie squashes?
Not on the Sole Source programme. Research has shown that citric acid can prevent the body utilising its carbohydrate stores and cause fluid retention. As citric acid is present in ‘one calorie’ diet drinks, low-calorie fruit squashes, slices of lemon and lemon tea, any of these may for some people negate the effectiveness of the Diet. Cambridge have a small range of drink flavourings which can be used in moderation.
It is possible to whiten tea and coffee using small amounts of vanilla flavoured Diet from the daily quota. Leaf herb teas (mint, nettle, etc) can add variety, but avoid fruit and flower teas as they contain small amounts of carbohydrate which can cause fluid retention and induce a plateau in some dieters. Those who cannot live without the daily enjoyment of tea and coffee with milk can still lose weight with Cambridge by following one of the "with food" programmes (see Chapter 2) for which there is a daily milk allowance

Source: Cambridge Diet.

The zero calore drink is calorie free so the odd one is fine I believe.