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ARE mullers free ??????


Lovin it !!! :)
Hi all

have been stuffing with muller lights this last week and showed a disappointing 1st week weigh in - thought I would run everything I eat through the syn calculator online this week just to be doubly sure I am doing everything right.

Bought some WW 1/2 point fat free yogs yesterday & ran them through & they came up @ 3 syns each - was going to have a free muller for brekkie with a nana and thought I would put that in also

4 SYNS !!!! on green/red or EE

Is this right ? I thought they were free except the layer types? please can a longer term member clarify this for me

please please please I have a fridge full:D

thanx all
Bev xxxx
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Lovin it !!! :)
even the new vanilla & orange with the dark choc sprinkles in ? they come inn the same pack as general flavours - are these free too ?
Does anybody know why the Aldi yogs with wholegrains are now 2 syns when they used to be free? I still got a fridge full of them. Muller lights are free though just more expensive. I don't understand how the goal posts move on these syned foods, stock cubes used to be syned and now they are free (for which I am very gratefull) but don't understand why they can now be free. Maybe I should stop thinking and just get on with it lol.


Bring it on!
Yes even the chocolate sprinkle one's - have you tried the cherry choc sprinkle, it's like black forest gateau - lovely......
If this is the layered one it's 2 syns, but my hubby said it was lovely!

The fruit mullerlights are all free, the mullerlight smooth are free, and the layered and special variety mullerlights are between 1.5 and 2 syns usually. i would just say even though they are free if you are eating loads that could be something that might slow your weight loss as they have higher sugars per pot compared to a plain low fat yogurt. It might be worth trying to cut back on them and fill the void with raw veges if that turns out to be a problem. Also just try one change at a time to pinpoint anything slowing weight loss.


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Okay- first thing, don't put things into the syn calculator if they are a free food. All foods have a syn if you enter the calorie details into the calculator. You need to either use the syns online bit which will indicate if they are free or buy a food directory.
Secondly - if it is a free food then these can be eaten freely. There are no restrictions, some people do restrict mullers due to the artificial sweeteners etc and some restrict bananas but they are there to be eaten freely if you feel the need. The key is not to eat them for the sake of it, eat because you need to.
I hope this clarifies a little. Keep with it, it does work!!

PS the WW yogs are mainly free, the odd one or two are half a syn.


Lovin it !!! :)

thanx for all the replies - I was just checking as I had some quorn steaks which I was bought on offer and although they obv have a calorie/fat/carbs value I ran them through the syns online and it came up as a free food on g/r/ee which is what I thought would happen with the ww and mullers, when this didnt happen I was a tad confused.:(


Lovin it !!! :)
oh also

just wanted to clarify that when I said I have been stuffing with these - I meant 2 a day - one at lunch & 1 at dinner !!

that seems alot for me as I have been used to having a 1 small pot a day previously so 2 large seems like loads.

just wanted to point out that I have not been having any more than this lol


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hey, it doesn't matter how many you have!! Some have been known to have 4 a day!! I tend to have a couple a day, one after lunch and one frozen one in the evening and I have natural yog on my berries for breakfast so i join you in "stuffing" myself!!!

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