are people following 5:2 diet posting in here too?...

Discussion in '5:2 Fasting' started by Sinead6uk, 6 February 2013 Social URL.

  1. Sinead6uk

    Sinead6uk Bread is my enemy!

    I can't see there is another forum for the 5:2 diet and I know this is similar but not quite the same.

    on my 2nd week doing 5:2, lost 2 lbs last week but struggling with it this week! no idea why.

    many thanks
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  3. Lanarkwitch

    Lanarkwitch Gold Member

    Yeah all the IF plans are pretty much here, we've even invented a few of our own LOL :D
  4. Jade2012

    Jade2012 Full Member

    Yea, I'm following the 5:2 plan - only started on Monday. I plan to do a half fast day on a Saturday and not eat until the evening. Doable for me as I spend Saturdays running around LOL

    My fast days are Monday & Thursdays. Weighin Fridays
  5. Sofartogo!

    Sofartogo! Silver Member

    In doing the 5:2 too. Started last week and lost 4.8lbs. Loving the diet!
    My fast days are Monday Thursday too and I also weigh in on Friday!! :)
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  6. Kia-Ora

    Kia-Ora Gold Member

    Me too! Lost 6lb in 4/5 weeks, it's really suiting me this diet!!

    I find the fast days def get easier as u go on tho yesterday I totally pigged out (had about 2700 cals!!) so am worried I've blown this :-(

    It was my god-daughters party & way to much party food. X
  7. hells2012sw

    hells2012sw Gold Member

    Hiya, I'm doing 5:2 too but tend to lurk more on various diaries all over the board!

    My DD's usually will be mon and thurs too :)

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  8. lottiebird

    lottiebird Silver Member

    Hi, I started JUDDD yesterday, but would ideally like to be doing 5:2 than 4:3 which is what I'm doing this week. I'll be keeping a close eye on the scales, and will be very keen to see how people on 5:2 are getting on, so please do keep updating as you go :)

    I quite enjoyed my first fast, managed 26 hours calorie free, but I must say I am hungry this morning, even after my crumpets, and I'm looking forward to my hotdogs later :) I am strictly counting calories on both up days and down days, mostly because I am so worried about gaining. I imagine I will do some tweaking over the weeks, but plan to give it at least 4 weeks to see if its for me.
  9. Sinead6uk

    Sinead6uk Bread is my enemy!

    My 5:2 days are Monday and Wednesday and weigh in Thursday evening. Lost 2 lb the first week but put a pound on this week! :( think I pigged out too much after my down days. I could not seem to get rid of the hungry feeling after Wednesday.
  10. shelley0363

    shelley0363 Full Member

    Hello everyone :) I'm gonna be starting the fast diet tomorrow so thought I would say hi!
    Been reading through the threads and there seems to be a lot of support which ill need on the fast days!
  11. Sinead6uk

    Sinead6uk Bread is my enemy!

    good luck! hope it's going well! I really find monday's a struggle! always tired after the weekend! :) x
  12. hells2012sw

    hells2012sw Gold Member

    I'm fasting today too, going fine today but mad busy at work so no time to eat anyway!

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  13. Juddd_Judy

    Juddd_Judy Full Member

    I'm fasting today in honour of Pancake Day tomorrow! It's the first year in years I've not been fretting about the calories/points/syns/carbs in pancakes so I'm jolly excited!
  14. shelley0363

    shelley0363 Full Member

    Ooh I forgot it was pancake day tomorrow :) I'm fasting for first time today so will also be able to indulge in pancakes yay!
  15. hells2012sw

    hells2012sw Gold Member

    Lol, I'm rubbish at pancakes, never get them right, but I am on a course thing which usually has lovely food so I may partake. :)

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  16. Sinead6uk

    Sinead6uk Bread is my enemy!

    oooh i forgot about pancake day!!! yay!! :)
  17. Jade2012

    Jade2012 Full Member

    Same here. It makes a nice change doesnt it!!
  18. mitch2044

    mitch2044 Full Member

    Does everyone count their calories on an up day?
  19. lottiebird

    lottiebird Silver Member

    I do, but it's my first week so I just want to keep safe and know what's going in, so I can tweak it over the weeks if I need to.
  20. hells2012sw

    hells2012sw Gold Member

    I am at the moment

    But I'm also trying to be SW friendly as well !

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  21. Kia-Ora

    Kia-Ora Gold Member

    Yes but some days I go way over!

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