Red Days are some people just not suited to red days?


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C: 11st10lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.3
I am struggling to lose the last few pounds, so decided this week i would do a few red days. Did red thursday and friday and EE today (but could of been red as had a a heb breakfast and a red based lunch) but nothing seems to fill me up !

I think the rest of the week I am going to do EE but just make sure I am eating plenty of chicken and fish as i often do a lot of quorn.

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I can't do red days. I gain weight on them. Some people are suited to carbs (like me) whereas some are more suited to proteins.


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I always have great losses on the weeks I do all red but it's hard and I can only do it maybe once every 4-6 weeks. I find that I'm more hungry on red.

For now, I'm sticking to all EE but if I need a boost I'll probably start to do some more all red weeks when I get nearer to target.