Are the Water flavourings safe?


Finally...Life begins
For Children that is?

My daughter, always loves to take a sip of my water, and loves the summer berries water flavourings I have, always asking for "more peees mummy!" :D

Is it ok for her to have it too? She is quite happy drinking plain water, but as a treat every now and then, I wondered if it might even be better for her than squash?

She will be 2 in Oct. Be interested to hear your views on this!
I see no reason why not at all.

The flavourings do contain aspartame and we all know that people say these are not good BUT they are in a hell of a lot of other products now so not really any different.

My 10 year old daughter loves the water flavourings and she's no more 'hyper' than usual after drinking them :p
Great!! I do try and limit the things she does have as she is usually quite happy to have plain old water! Obviously I want her to eat a lot healthier than I did as a child/adult so she never has to do this diet!

Nice to be able to take the powder out and make it for the both of us now!

thanks for the quick answers!

The flavourings are perfectly safe for children and are better than squashed as there is no sugar in them so kind to the toothypegs too.

Ninz and I share my water - I have to make double the amount otherwise I think I have drunk all my water when I haven't! :rolleyes:
Isn't there fibre in them too which has to be good for our little darlings :)
Just checked. In our flavourings fibre is trace. I believe the LL flavourings have inulin which has a laxative effect. We do this seperately in the Fibre 89 so only those who need it have it.

Yep you are right Linda the LighterLife one had the inulin in the 2 flavourings.

Sorry to have got it wrong and thanks for putting us right Linda. A veritable mine of information as always :D

I am waiting for a CDC to call me back BTW as I am considering doing the swap now :)
No problems if you have only used the LL one it is easy to assume they are the same.

Good luck with the change over, if you get stuck I know an excellent CDC in Portsmouth who would be more than happy to help you through your maintenance.

Yet another thank you Linda, you have been so helpful to me :D

I should be getting a call back any day and I can't wait. I want to try that peanut bar :rolleyes:
The peanut bar is absolutely delish in my opinion!!