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Are there any men???


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S: 22st0lb C: 14st8lb G: 14st5lb BMI: 25.5 Loss: 7st6lb(33.77%)
Hi, Guys,

I started CD yesterday so far so good

Just trying all the shakes and soups to see what I like, so far like the cappuccino and vanilla, not to sure about the orange winter spice, of fruits of the forest. Don’t think I’ll be having the chilli soup again.

I’m doing SS and I’m having 4 shakes etc a day as I’m a man :p

I was thinking of having a shake for breakfast and lunch then a soup and a shake or bar (when I’m allowed), in the evening, do you think that will be okay or will I get hungry during the day.

After reading other posting I wondered if I am paying to much? I’m paying £55 a week that seems more that you guys for 4 shakes a day.:confused:

Also on my first counselling, I only got my food packs and a small managing your weight booklet, I had hoped for more information.

Do I need a CD shake (never mentioned)? Is a blender essential? What’s the best way to mix you shake/soup, and with how much water? How do you come on at work? (of work at present)

And now the main question are there many men on this site? Although I’m use to been out numbered working in a female nominated profession (Nursing), and hen pecked my the wife.
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I think there are a fair few men on this site, maybe a few more on the main forum than in here.

As for costs I think they charge what they like, I am on 4 shakes and paying £49 there is a sticky with the RRPs on the main page.

I saw my CDC yesterday paid £60 which was £10 registration and £49 "food". I got a few booklets in a plastic wallet, they were "The Cambridge Sole Source Programmes (pink and blue booklet)", Managing your weight (Pink trifold leaflet), Weight care with Cambridge (Yellow booklet) and a green record card. plus a magazine and a lock and lock shaker (it's not the cambridge one).

Only started today and will be shaking shakes at work, so far using the plastic shaker is ok a couple of lumps but much better with soup than with shake. I am adding a little more water than recommended.

I was planning on starting a "which is the best shaker" thread in a couple of days if my technique doesn't improve.

If you are not happy change CDC, personally I think that we are the clients and we should be happy and if they are not exceptional why pay over the odds, if you are on this diet for 12 weeks paying £5 more than others are that's 60 quid extra...

Hope I helped I'm not an expert.

Good luck with your weight loss :)
Hi, I saw my CDC yesterday for the 1st time. I paid £38 for 21 shakes. Didn't have to pay a reg. fee but didn't get a shaker or any more leaflets - just the one for SS/SS+.

I think a blender is good as it gets rid of the lumps and people have been saying to mix the shakes with ice because they taste better.

Spreading the shakes out during the day is a good idea because it will help with feeling hungry until you go into ketosis, then you shouldnt feel any hunger.

Good luck with your CD journey!


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S: 22st0lb C: 14st8lb G: 14st5lb BMI: 25.5 Loss: 7st6lb(33.77%)
Thanks Guys

Got at least 7 stone to lose.

Day 2 and feeling hungry
Hi all,

I know the original post was from a while ago, but thought I'd dredge it up again and see how many other guys are on here these days!

There's me of course (Judders74), Martin, IceMoose, PMB (who started this thread), and...?

I've lost track of the other blokes here! can anyone help?


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