are there any wheelchair bound people on here??


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I'm not wheelchair 'bound' but do work with a lot of wheelchair users, some who are on diets. It is harder to lose weight as your not so active but not impossible, you could look into buying some wheelchair excercise dvd's to help you get more active (or make/adapt your own like we do) . Being in a wheelchair shouldn't hold you back though, you will just have to have a little more patience with the weight coming off... good luck!
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diets like weight watchers do actually state you dont need to exercise but you will get a quicker loss if you can. So i think youre in the same position as all of us trying to lose weight. Have a go and see which diet suits you. Depending on your abilities, you might be able to incorporate some exercise into your diet but as you have not included such info, im sure you know your own abilities. I have times when i can hardly walk when my condition flares up but theres always something we can do however small it may seem. I hope you do find someone that is also a wheelchair user to share experiences with but otherwsie good luck, read around the diets on the forum and see which one you fancy. You may end up like me, simply getting bored and jumping from one diet to the next.
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