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Are there 'slimming moods'?.....


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OK right ... now this may sound a bit 'out there' but I think there is something in the whole slimming mood thing.

I was trundling along fine, sticking to plan, no major wobbles then life came along slapped me in the face and I crumbled and went back to comfort eating and put 7lb on.

Eeek. I know. And after all my hard work (I had lost about 2 and a bit stone).

I was gutted to have put weight on and realised how easily it happens, the odd extra B, not weighing cereal etc - swapping mini treats to normal size .... and no matter what I did I just couldnt get back on track.

Then all of a sudden I find myself back, I care again, I weigh again, I throw out stuff and replace it with low syn versions again... and Ive now lost the 7lb and a bit more and Im 1lb off loosing 3 stone.

Im at my half way mark, I need to lose a further 3 stone and it feels ok. It feels achievable. Im grateful that I managed to get back on track but its left me wondering about 'moods' and slimming and 'mind sets' and all that jazz.

Do you feel you have a 'zone'? Or can you just trundle along endlessly with only a minor blip or two? And what keeps you motivated? How do you stay on the straight and narrow? Im really interested, I guess its kinda like the psychology of eating, food, habits etc
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I definately have slimming moods. I do ok for a week and then bad for 2 weeks. I think ok Im doing really bad at ww I'll try slimming world and do exactly the same. I then get really annoyed with myself and do even worse. I know that logically its because Im ill and really tired and feel like things are getting on top of me rather than the diet itself. I also have panics like I bought a 6week block but only did ok on week one, do I give up? do I go back to WW? can I afford to continue SW? can I continue sw with just support on here and not classes, will everyone get sick of me if Im constantly asking for syn values, will I ever understand syn values etc etc.
So many things going round my mind that I cant think of the diet just how bad Im doing at the moment.

Im really looking forward to seeing other peoples answers and hopefully there will be one that gets me back on track


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TYes I tink that there are SW moods. I have been doing this for about 18 months now and most of the time I can motivate myself to be really careful and take note of what I am eating. Sometimes though if I am very busy or stressed I will allow things to slip and it is only at the point that I stand on the SW scales to be told that I have gained that I then think oh no I must step it up a gear. That happened to me last week so this week I am doing a paper food diary and writing everything down ~I think that this is the only way to get me back on track.


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I started SW at the beginning of year and was so committed to it, I lost every week for 16 weeks, then I put on half a pound and I was so disheartened by it that I went off plan, I was going on holiday so gave myself that excuse. I had lost nearly 2stone at that point and nothing could get me back on track. I have rejoined this week and have gone to another group, new start for me,I have gained 1 stone in that time and what made me go back was that my clothes that I had bought didnt fit and I was starting to have to go back to my 'fat' clothes.I am really filled with enthusiasum for the plan and have had a loss already this week (yeah I know I shouldnt weigh myself).I have prepared myself this time that a gain or a sts is not the end of the world, we all have different triggers for going off plan I suppose we just have to learn to watch out for the signals.

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