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Are we allowed chewing gum?


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Thanks Shanny, i've eaten a packet this week so i'll put it on the back burner for now. I actually dont like it very much but worry about my breath.


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I buy the orbit sugar free gum, break the sticks in half, have a quick chew, and then spit it out. I cant 'chew' gum very well anyway, never could, it makes me gag, I just like the fresh feeling it gives.

Apparently chewing can make you hungry, it makes your tummy think food will be coming, or so my old CDC told me. However, it was her who said to do what I do with it!


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I have it very occasionally and don't find it makes me hungry but do be careful as it affects some people a lot more.I tend to just have a quick chew and then get rid.


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I have to have gum, especially if I'm at work otherwise it smells like I've been gargling with cowpats!


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I've been having chewing gum. Wonder if this has caused my slow weight loss? or made me cheat ie "chewing can make you hungry?" I'll not have it for a while and see if there's any change.


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I have read other reads where people say chewing gum is a no no on CD..
I didnt eat it for the first 12 weeks and then I decided I would have some as my breath was driving me in sane.. So now I have it, a few times throughout the day it doesnt make me hungry at all..
I guess each individual is different.. As I said I didnt have it till after 12 weeks so I was definatley never hungry..


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Ive been chewing gum for pretty much my entire journey.

It helps with the breath thing and it may make you feel hungry but so does watching food programs. its a personnal choice and having strong will power helps you past the hunger. sugar free stuff of course


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I was looking at the Cambridge Diet Official website earlier, and it allows the use of sugar free gum.

The following paragraph is from the site:

I notice a tendency towards bad breath for the first few days. Why is this?
A mild ketosis may develop when on the Cambridge Diet as your sole source of nutrition and this may affect your breath slightly. Simply brush your teeth more often, and use mouth wash, sugar-free chewing gum or breath fresheners.


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Thanks GaynorEm, I am definately gonna get some now I know that. I kept thinking why wouldn't we be allowed to if it's sugar free like the sweetners for our coffee so that's great news-will chew with confidence lol. Zoe x


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Thank goodness. I'm going to stock up on sugar free gum to help with cravings.


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S: 14st11lb C: 13st13.5lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 0st11.5lb(5.56%)
Thanks from me too GaynorEm. Not a huge fan of chewing gum but the minty flavour is very nice when my mouth feels yuck.

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