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Are you containing the fat person within you?


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Was thinking of this yesterday as i sat down.

I could hear myself saying saying go on eat away its ok. The at the same time i could hear the voice of reason saying no its ok you are content and dont need to eat.

So the question is will that voice of the fat person inside vanish or so you think its going to remain forever and mst be contained. I have to admit its getting easier now but how is everyoe else finding it. Are you finding that you can now say no to food and really mean it deep inside??

your thoughts :)
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...we're sinking deeper.
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I have found it's much louder now that I'm thinner... It doesn't go away... Maybe I'm just much more aware of it which makes me have more of a choice whether to listen to it or not, rather than before I would just get up and get something to eat.
I know I will always have that voice but I now have the tools to discipline it more properly... A lot of the time I find myself walking towards the kitchen, then I say NO and walk the other way. It's the need to break that habit/pattern mostly ... slips will happen, and they do, but usually I can stop them mid-way before some over-eating disaster gets completely out of hand.

I must admit, personally, I am finding it very difficult at times. But I persevere, and never give up fighting even if I have a slip. Tomorrow is another day.
when I go out I say no to pudding when I really want it. When I get petrol I have to force myself not to buy a bar of choc. When I go to the supermarket I seem to have a magnetic draw to the cake aisle.
Truth is, I love food. The reason I got fat was because I binged and ate far too much of the stuff. Now I can have a little bit of 'naughtiness' now and then but not all the time. It's not to say that I wouldn't love to be sat here right now with a tin of roses in front of me. Maybe that's because it used to be where I turned when I was feeling emotional. But I'm not sure it does get easier...for me anyway.
I'll always want a bigger portion. Always want to finish what's on my plate. But I know I can't and have to be grown up about it and look after myself.
Maybe it'll change and I'm still adjusting mentally. It's wierd because when I was on abstinence it never even crossed my mind to pick up some crisps or have a nibble of someone elses food. But now I'm back on the stuff it's all I can think about. At least the weight's staing off though!! xx


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spme excellent points there ladies i would have to agree with all you said, i find myself going to the fridge and opening the door, once i snap out of my hypnotic state i slam the door and walk away again.... I used to pick a lot between meals that was my downfall into going overweight.


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Rachael I am so with you on that. I still want to eat and eat and have found it hard, I did put on a stone after RTM thankfully its all gone again but its hard for me to maintain. I also stopped a stone before my original goal and have now decided I want to get there and that is no picnic... oh well I reckon if I lost 6 stone I can loose another one.


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I'm really quite nervous about going back to eating - its good reading what you guys have put.

Abstaining is really easy for me (so far) ive not been even slightly tempted to eat and am loving having that choice taken away from me.

In my head i'm hoping this will continue once i start food, but realistically i know its not going to be that easy.

Can i ask, do you feel hungry? I love not being hungry and this has made me realise that i overate as i 'thought' i was hungry - or to make sure i never got hungry ( i had a 'fear' of being hungry it seems now? i'm not sure why as i've never been short of food!)

this fear has now gone - but will it return once i'm out of ketosis and will actually 'feel' real hunger?

daisy x

Gosh, not sure that all makes sense??! sorry if it doesn't!
I was terrified about going back to eating again. As you say, when food's not part of the equation it's easy. Sometimes I wish I'd been addicted to alcohol instead. At least I can live without that!

I went onto RTM mid November so you can just imagine all the christmas treats and temptations that lay in my path. I did go a bit wild after week five thinking 'i'm allowed to eat now so a little of whatever I fancy won't hurt'. However, a little turned into a lot and I put on weight pretty rapidly (a stone over the xmas period!)

HOWEVER, once I got xmas over with, I started a pretty tough exercise regime and the weight came back off pretty quickly. I threw away all the xmas goodies and just don't have those sorts of things in the house any more to avoid the temptation.

I won't deny it is hard. I don't ever feel hungry really. One of the easiest habits to get out of s drinking enough water so make sure you keep up your intake. Plus, if I do feel hungry I have some celery or cucumber and the urge soon passes.

My name's rachel and I'm a food addict. But I manage it now. It's part of my life as it has to be but there's a determination I have now that I never thought possible.

When I got to 21 stone, I didn't even notice when I got to 22. It was so easy to just not care any more. I was morbidly obsese and the thought of doing something about it was too scary.

But now I've invested time, money and energy into getting myself to a healthy weight and I can see the benefits of staying like this far outweigh the joys of having cake every day!

Sorry to ramble. I hope this makes sense. My basic thing is I refuse to buy any clothes up a size from what I am. I know that if I try a size 10/12 (depending on the shop) on and it's tight, I need to watch myself and get the few extra pounds back off again.

I'm going to be on a diet the rest of my life but it doesn't mean I can't enjoy my food any more. It just has to be the right food.

Try not to be scared. You'll manage in your own way. The main thing is not to avoid things if you go off track. Keep going to your meetings (i still go every two weeks even though I finished RTM 3 months ago) if it helps and stay positive about keeping the new you. You've got this far. You won't fail xxx


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I'm like Daisy in finding lurking in this section useful.

My fear, as you mentioned above Rachel, is failing in the water intake! I really can not see me continuing to force 3 litres down my neck and go to the loo so many times it's embaressing not to mention sore!!! And no it hasn't eased up for me in nearly 9 weeks.

The eating bit, I think I can cope with and coming back on the diet to lose a bit if I gain does't worry me, it's the dread water!! I'll just have to cross that bridge when I get there, I just hope the water isn't flowing too fast under it when I do!


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Its very easy to revert back to old ways, its true what they say you need to practise being a slim person as opposed to the years of training being a fuller person.

Exercise and eating slow thats the key i believe and eating smaller more frequent portions of food to stop hungry and guilt creeping in.

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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I don't know if I am still in the honeymoon phase or not, but I am finding it increasingly easy to say no to things, and to choose healthier choices for snacks.

The good news is, if I fancy something decadant - I have it. And thats that and its good. And then I don;t have anything again for several days, or whatever.

After the turbulance in RTM, and a few scary weeks on my own, I know feel like food as very little space in my wandering thoughts, which is amazing.

I feel like I am eating like a normal person.

I eat when I am hungry, I eat till I am full, and fill the house with healthy food only, and enough ingredients if Ifancy smething sweet, etcf., I make it myself. I have to really want it to go to the effort that way.

Its working beautifully, and I feel totally in control.

It will come. :)


Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Just to add to the above....I might sy I didn;t feel that way initially.

The full impact of what I acheived - losing half myself - is really only starting to really hit me now, in recent weeks. Once it realllllllly sinks in, you recognise how brilliant it is, and that you will never ever want to go back to how you were once. That is when it suddenly gets very easy.

Thats been my experience anyways.

Hope that helps!



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Nope...it's not fat person thinking, it's disordered eating thinking for me...and I don't hear those voices, I don't think I ever did, I just changed my lifestyle and made it a habit...if I want choccie I have it, if I want a biccie I have it, I just don't feel the need to binge anymore...and in any case as I have a different 'diet' at the moment as I train hard at the gym, I get one day where I carb up, so if I want icecream I can have it or cake...BUT I would rather fill up on rice or potato or salad or vegetables or fruit...they don't give me the hungry feeling that junk food does...even dark choccie doesn't have the effect that milk choc does....

So if you stick with the changes long enough they do become habit and you feel better for the choices you now make. I never feel deprived and in fact some days I have to make myself eat everything to keep my calories up and stop the weight from plummetting any further...a strange and wonky thing...

Oh I also have a free meal at the weekends where I can eat takeaway or junky type foods in moderation, normal sized portions, it stops me craving them...


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thank you all this post has been very interesting iam on week 3 rtm didnt even lick my finger in abs but the other day gave my son a yogurt and found myself licking the lid (yes iam a lid licker muller )why i could of had one if i needed one
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I am managing to squash the voices in my head, the lower my weight gets the more determination I seem to have.

With other diets it has worked the other way the lower I got the more I wanted to eat. The only answer I can come to for this is that it has usually taken so long to get the weight off before and seemed like a never ending battle but this time I have lost nearly 7.5 stones in 6 months and I can actually see the finishing post.


Is back in the saddle!
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I swear this post was in the RTM section!! Did it get moved?? If so, bad idea, no warning of big food talk!!!!!!!!!!!

Perhaps too much water is going to my head...............
constant battle

I don't think that voice will ever go away completely.
Today I was at a work conference, weraing a size 8 dress feeling fab, getting loads of positive storkes and comments from colleagues I haven't seen for a couple of years. Lunch was included. Fist time I Nhave sat and eaten a meal with colleagues for a year. I enjoyed what I had, grilled fish, salad,no dressing or potatoes or bread roll and butter which other people had. Fresh fruit - water melon, pineapple,orange and grapes. Other people had chocolate gateau or apple tart and cream as well.
I didn't make any comments, but almost everyone else kept saying things like"I know I shouldn't be having this, but I can't resist " or "I'm having the fruit as well as the cake because it looks better" . Am I noticing it more? Would they always have said it? I felt as though they were extra conscious of what they were eating because I was there. I felt very uncomfortable and have been struggling all day since, wanting to sabotage myself. Not sure why, but it doesn't feel good.
Oh, well - tomorrow is another day.:wave_cry:


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SB thats just the sort of thing i say to make myself feel better about being a pig!
- i'm sure it didn't have anything to do with you being there, they were probably trying to justifying pigging out to themselves!
daisy x


...we're sinking deeper.
S: 18st7lb C: 11st1lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 26.6 Loss: 7st6lb(40.15%)
In a way, I am glad that someone raised this question, and after reading the whole thread I am feeling a little less terrified because now, I know am not alone.
I am a compulsive over-eater, binger, secret eater; you name it. I do believe it can be a serious condition, but I am aware of it. I do break the habit 80% of the time, but things happen, if it does: I put vegetables in my way and salad. I mean who can truthfully binge on those? I consume much less and feel satisfied with whatever my psyche was pushing me to achieve. I am terrified of this behaviour and am still looking for the reason why it happens: but haven't found it yet. But I am dealing it with it in the best way I can, so that it doesn't damage me in the long-term... a small bowl of iceberg lettuce is hardly tragic. :)

This is a side-rant of course... Everyone has their own demons to fight. You are all so very inspirational to me, if you can do it, I will be able to as well.

Huseyin: These early weeks of RTM are truly when you start to question things and learn. :) Good luck on your journey. Perhaps start keeping a journal and assess how you respond to each food which is introduced each week. It could help. :eek:
Minerva, you have such logical, sensible answers! Thankyou for all your input.

I am returning to LL after doing abstinence, RTM and managed to maintain until just before Christmas.

Then crooked thinking started returning...'one more won't matter' kind of thing - IT DOES MATTER!

I've started 'LLL' but there's a little voice at the back of my head telling me that nothing's really changed, after all the counselling, deep down I'm still the same permanent dieter, overeater, turn to food for 'comfort'....

Oh well, what's that saying...
'You only fail, when you stop trying'
Well, I'm prepared to give it another go.

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