Are you doing CD over Xmas?

Ok so I've noticed alot of people are wondering what people are doing for xmas so fill in this little questionnaire so we can see the general consensus.

Are you eating/drinking Xmas day?
" " for an Xmas party?
" " Boxing Day?
" " New Years Eve?
" " New Years Day?

If you do eat are gonna let lose and just enjoy yourselves, or are you sticking to a certain plan?
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I'm doing SS+ so I will be able to have the turkey and a bit of green veg. But I am sticking 100% to the diet. It is just too hard to get back on it again and there will be other Christmases.


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Im moving up from 810 to 1000 for good on the 22nd by which time my bmi will hopefully be junst under 30, not gonna weigh till early jan and will be happy with no loss so make of that what you will :) Wont be 100% every day but will try and keep on it unless i'm going for a drink in which case will up carbs on that day but no chocolate or high carb buffet stuff. Ive been on non stop since may so owe myself a few days off. :)


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I am having my xmas meal then back to normal!! :)


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I will see how I feel nearer the time. Christmas falls during my AAM week, so I have turkey and veg to look forward to. Bit scared about doing this since some CDers have mentioned trouble getting back to strictly ssing the following week. I guess the same old rule comes into play - stay focused!


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Like Frances I'm sticking to ss though I may be at ss+ by then or even AAM depends on how much I lose between now and xmas, if I am ss+ I will just have turkey and green veg.

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If I was at home I would have done SS through it but we have aready booked into a hotel from Christmas Eve to the day after boxing day, so what I am doing is.....Christmas my breakfast and lunch SS then have dinner - chicken or lean meat and veg no carbs, and then have lean meat and veg for the other meals and ss.......then Saturday morning straight back on SS....

yes I know it's difficult but I truly believe the food is not the enemy it is how I deal with it and life is going to throw things at me and it's how I handle that is if I gain 10lbs then I will lose it....


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I have a good way to go yet so I am SS all through the holiday period. I am vegetarian so the meat is not an issue for me...I don't drink alcohol so that is not an issue nor is puddings as they usually have Whiskey or Brandy in them

I plan to cook up a storm over Christmas and that will keep my mind busy.


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I am going home for 2 weeks over X-mas and noone knows am doing CD so will stick to SS as much as I can before and after X-mas but I will have my X-mas dinner though and when I get back to Uni it will be back to SS. I know that getting back on it won't be a problem because I am determined to control what I eat and that's something I haven't been able to do till I started CD.


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Wow, I'm impressed with all of you saying you're sticking to it. I have 4 things that I won't be able to avoid, and 2 of them are work-related. I'm on SS and I know it's not ideal, but I've chosen to work them into my CD life with intent - and not just mindlessly find myself using them as excuses to slip for good.

As for the work things, I just can't admit to certain people at work that I'm on this (long not-nice story) and so I will just be very careful at the meals (sticking to protein and veg), avoid alcohol, and get right back on track. Part of me wants to just avoid these two things all together, but my absence would be noted and I don't want the bother it would cause.

And with the family things - Christmas dinner and a lunch with 'the girls' I am choosing to enjoy them as they are planned. I live thousands of miles from home and am on my own, so spending the time enjoying the holiday as 'normal' as possible with the people I love is what I want to do. But again, I'll chose carefully and get spend the rest of my time back home on track.

I've thought a lot about this before I started CD, and I'll work out with my CDC the best way of doing it (i.e. going up the steps if necessary)

I figure as long as I prepare myself for the reduction in my losses from those events, I won't beat myself up. Whereas if I tried to stick to it and failed, I know I would. And that would be worse for me in the long run.

I know it's a long journey I'm on, and I just wouldn't feel right missing my folks' Christmas turkey. (as much as I like the Chicken and Mushroom soup!! lol)

Does that make any sense?? lol :)Cx


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I'm moving up the plans at the moment then a week before xmas im coming off completely so i cant eat normal but healthy food over xmas as i really wanted to sit down to xmas dinner with my family and eat 'real' food lol. Then im back on it new year if i have not made target, my cdc said i should be at target by xmas as ive had good losses but i dont think that im gonna lose 1 stone 12lbs by then!!! But ill give it a go xxx


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my bday is on the 23 and mums booked us into Frankie and Bennies for tea, but gonna play that one safe with a salad (im t total so that is no worry) gonna ss on xmas eve, then go steady xmas day, avoid the carbs ie, spuds and xmas pud etc, boxing day round mums so again avoiding the carbs.

im not gonna let cd get in the way come on im 3 stone lighter then i was 3 months ago im not going to blow that just for a couple of days, but you only get one life and im enjoying it