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Are you driven by...

Are you driven by weight on the scales, clothing size, propotion or BMI?

I think there are so many different categories where our 'utopia' fits into that its hard to decide the best one to suit your target.

For example, i have another stone to lose, yet im almost happy with my clothing size, my BMI is normal and i am well in proportion (apart from my shot putter legs :p) I could say im almost happy where i am but its the number on the scales that drives me to either be happy or unhappy.

I've been struggling this month and not had as good a loss as the past 2 months but i think thats down to various factors such as going back on the pill after my op, the copious amounts of medication ive been on and all sorts of other bits and bats.

I dont know if im being too hard on myself here and trying to achieve something which frankly, may not have a tremendous amount of difference on my body and how i look.

It just seems like its taking forever for this last stone to come off - when i lost weight before it came of really quickly but this bit i put back on when i quit smoking is proving so hard to shift - its driving me mad! Im doing everything i can diet and exercise wise so im still staying motivated and positive.

Has anyone else had this problem with that last stubborn bloody stone?!
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Im not sure yet as i cant see where i have lost the weight,everyone says ive lost it in the face but i cant personally tell.
Im going by my BMI and clothes size. I know what you mean about your last stone. Ive got a stone that came off then I put on and now trying to get it off again! Ive lost 3 stone so why cant it be 'lose 3 stone get the last one free' or perhaps 'four 4 three':rolleyes: lol
I have a few skinny dresses when I can fit in my made to measure ball gown I'll be happy, last worn May '97
I'm driven by all of them hun! I wanted to get my BMI to normal, be a size 12 and lose 3stone to get to 10 stone.

Now after a year at target, I think maybe maybe maybe I could lose another half a stone, get my bmi a little lower and although I wouldn't quite be a 10, i'd almost be there.

I'm not sure if we'll ever be truly happy but for me it's staying at 10 stone and being in a 12.
I am right there with you. I have 1 more stone to loose and i just fiddle about loosing a bit then gaining a bit. I am not a dedicated gym bunny like you though. I think I was motivated by clothes size but now it is just the magic number on the scales that drives me - or drives me crazy.

I agree with Jaylou though will we ever be 100% happy with ourselves? Will we always want that little bit more?
when i started, it was all about clothes sizing, i didnt want to be anything bigger or smaller than a 12, but it came a bit sooner than expected, after loose 3/ 3.5 stone, and i wasnt happy weight wise, so i continued to loose another stone, stone and half.. and now im more of a 10 than i am a 12. (go me lol) .. i guess i always thought of 2 as being small and petite but still sexy and curvey, i'v always been terrified il lose me curves and be a stick insect.. (possible?? proberly not with the way i like to eat haha) so it took me a while to accept myself as a 10, and i do still have curves.. more than enough LOL.

I'd love to be 9st 10, but my target is 10stone, and im there now so.. and im happy. . and i feel its maintainable. :)



Mad old Bat with Attitude
I want to get into a 14 again. I know 14's are bigger than the last time I was in one but psychologically that's what I want. I NEED to get rid of my overhang! I had an hysterectomy years ago and when I put weight on this time it sort of puthered over the top of the scar! It's almost gone, and I'll be left with an Old Lady stomach like a Klingons forehead, and I want to see my hip bones or at least feel them again!
LOL Judi,

for me, I want it all at the moment, and I think that is because I have none of them. My clothes are high numbers, my BMI is high numbers and the scales, well they don't do coach parties. So I would just like to be happy with fitting into anyone of these catagories to begin with, which ever one comes first, I think it will be the BMI cos that seems to show results quicker than the others do you find?
It's clothes mainly for me. I'm not obsessed with being a 12, mainly because I know that all shops size wildly differently, and different cuts fit differently too...but to be a general 12 and have things fit nicely is my aim. I don't want to keep choosing clothes that hide my tummy.

So...until I get there I am using weight as a guide. I'd love to be 9-something. 9 and a half is where I'm really heading. I don't actually know if I'm going to get there though. It's just over a stone away from where I am now (and I'm a borderline 12/14) but people (including my leader) are telling me to stop and that I'm fine where I am. But I'm not fine where I am! LOL! If I get down to 10 and look great in those 12s, then I won't be obsessed with being 9-something.

BMI doesn't really hold much sway with me because it's so vague and doesn't account for body types and distribution of fat. According to my local friendly pharmacist, I'm in the healthy range now (although actually I think I'm a bit over) but I've clearly still got quite a bit of extra weight...


Extra Easy Apparently...!
For me it's a pair of size 12 jeans that are hanging in my wardrobe that I want to wear with a plain white fitted t-shirt without worrying about my stomach or lumps and bumps showing through. Sexy and simple! I'm not so worried about the numbers on the scale as I think I have heavy bones- I'm little but at around eleven stone previously I was a size 12/14 and I think 10 stone should take me to a comfortable size 12 and also be maintainable. Right now, I'm taking it a pound at a time.

Andy R.

Time for a change
Its all about getting my confidence back, and slowly ans surely as the weight falls its coming back. Not loads but i can feel it. Im starting to feel better as i can enjoy clothes shopping more and buy things that i like rather then just what fits.
Oh and maybe be slimming world man of the year, Hey someones gotta win it hahahahaha