Are you prone to scales peekage?


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lol I don't think I can ever get out of this habit, especially while I do my WIs at home! A week feels like too long, especially when you first get going with SW, always thinking damn I must be eating too much to be getting smaller!

I'm sure I'm not alone in this bad habit hehe. Do you think it's better if you do go to a group? I think I'd try and stay off them at home a bit more if I was getting my official WI done on another set of scales...
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I am a pain for weighing inbetween 'weigh ins' (mine are at home too) When I first started, I weighed myself several times a day, have managed to get it down to once every two days ish!!! Glad i did today, scales told me I'd lost a pound - hope it still says that on Saturday though!!!


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I made a decision at the start that I didn't want to get caught up in the numbers games so I never weigh myself. I don't go to a class and I don't own a set of scales. I know that I've been eating healthily and that I have lost weight as my dress size is going down and that is enough for me.
I weigh from home too, I didn' peek in the first week but did after the weekend on the second and was almost 1 lb up!! That spurred me to work hard for the remainder of that week and get it back down again lol.

The first week took ages, but the second weeek flew by! It was weigh in time again before I knew it.


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im always on and off the scales i try not to but if they're their i just cant help it lol
my leader tells me to get someone to hide them away from me but i doubt that would stop me i'd just be on and off the wii fit...
i have a couple of friends who only weigh them selves once a week they find it easy...i wish i could but i just cant and never will i doubt!xxx

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I used to weigh obsessively too! Before a wee, after, shower etc. Im doing the plan at home and normally weigh once a week, but this week, after having stayed the same for 2 weeks, I weighed this morning and so far my scales say loss of 5lbs!!! My official weigh in is Tuesday morning, so fingers crossed that this is the case, especially as I have a christmas meal out Sat night! (Not drinking though as Im driver!)

Mrs V

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S: 21st7lb C: 12st5lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 9st2lb(42.52%)
Thanks Laurie!


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i get on them ever time i go up stairs more than once to i know i'm obessed but i find them. useful cause can pull it back if i've not lost anyone. but saying that not had any good loses since i got scales right thats it next week i'm not weighing at all and see how i do. (lol yeah right think i will be rocking in the corner from withdrawel)


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on a morning , tea time and evening helps me keep track of when i'm retaining water which days are best for me etc etc plus it gives me incentive if i look and it says pound on it spurs me to try harder.

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im terrible, am hoping on there sometimes twice a day!!! i just cant help it!!!