Are you spending a bit more time on yourself?

Discussion in 'Lighter Life Forum' started by LaydeeBug, 25 October 2009 Social URL.

  1. LaydeeBug

    LaydeeBug Full Member

    Hi everyone,

    I have lost just over 2 stones so far ( still amazes me in 7 weeks!) ~ and I am re-emerging from that frumpy slump I have been in for nearly 3 years.

    I used to spend so much money on cosmetics, manicures, beauty therapies etc.
    I have a beauty therapist who comes to my home, but I have been using her less and less as my weight crept up ~ I felt embarrassed climbing on her portable massage table for my legs waxing etc.

    I am happy to say I am feeling so much better in myself after just a short time. I am hair free through waxing and not my own shaving, I am pedicured and manicured, the fake tan is back with a vengeance and I am enjoying the way my hair falls down my back again, rather than tying it up as i felt rubbish. I even neglected my highlights before LL as i felt so ugly anyhow, but I now have lighter blonde highlights and it feels great. I left my hair it's natural dark blonde up until LL as there was no point trying to be pretty when I felt like hiding away.

    This diet is amazing in that you can feel so much prettier so quickly.

    It's a great confident booster. Anyone struggling should push through knowing that the feelings you get are an adrenalin buzz.

    I'm spending time in front of the mirror now, and not behind closed doors. xx :)
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  3. Jezebella

    Jezebella Playing the Angel

    Wow, lovely post and so true!!! I spend a lot more time taking care of me. Cannot afford all the treatments I would like, but some money needs to be put aside for the babies. I have had my hair done a fair few times, lovely pedicure, did my own wax yesterday as the hairs were quite short. Planning a bit of a manicure tonight. Also spend a lot of time massaging various lotions and potions onto myself. I also spend a lot more time making an effort with my appearance in the morning even though I get up at sparrow fart to go to work and nobody really sees me. But I know I look good which is what helps mentally. Infact a fair few people who have noticed have commented on my new look! Feels great, especially when there are still people who don't recognise me!!! I love, love, love it!

  4. milli

    milli Full Member

    Hi Laydee
    It is fantastic that you are feeling so good now, I know what you mean about neglecting yourself when you put weight on I do the same.
    I bet you are looking great now.
    It definitely helps to carry on if you are feeling better about yourself with your hair done, nice nails etc.
    We will all be looking wonderful by Christmas!
    Milli x
  5. LaydeeBug

    LaydeeBug Full Member

    I may post some pics when I feel more comfortable Milli. xx :p

    ( I may also remove them......:D).
  6. yoyo-ohno

    yoyo-ohno Full Member

    Hi Lady,
    I bet you look fabulous! Can't wait to see the pics:D
    It's funny - 2 months ago I would never have posted a picture of myself on here, but you never know ... watch this space;)
    I have always had my nails done (makes fat fingers look thinner - lol) and made an effort when getting ready to go out BUT it felt like trying to cover up the fatness. Wheras now it feels like making the most of what I've got ... does that make sense?

  7. slendablenda

    slendablenda Gold Member


    Yeah, I think we are like butterflies emerging, light ,floaty and pretty.
    It is lovely to take time looking after myself again and not feel guilty.
    Enjoy everyone - you are worth it xx

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