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Are you too into SW?


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Hi guys

Last night my bf accused me of being too into the plan, saying that it's all I think about. He even criticised me for taking my pack everywhere I go (in my defence I only take it to work and that's so I can fill out my food diary as I go). He also said it's all I talk about and that I spend too much time on here!! How rude! I told him to eff off, but is he right? I think I stick to the plan better when I'm like this. What do you guys think? Was I right to tell him where to go?

PS.. he is following the plan too, basically just eating what I do and weighing in at home - he doesn't come to class with me. I don't know why he had the sudden outburst last night but I'm still kind of annoyed with him for it!
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SW is a way of life for me so I guess I am very into SW. I don't give my Tuesday night up for anything, even this week, it was a beautiful evening and OH and my daughter wanted to go out for a walk together and for dinner. I made them wait until 7. I stayed to IT like I always do. It's my time, it keeps me (kind of) on track.

If I go anywhere for a meal, and I have my "good" head on, I'll check out the menu before I go for SW friendly options. I check syns of anything new. I still read my book and write my food down if I want a good week.

All this after 3 years on SW.

So, yes, I'm too into SW!!!

He's probably a bit peed off you don't pay him enough attention!!!


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Think you hit the nail on the head jaylou - I spend most evenings on the PC reading all the new posts and things on here! He needs some attention, maybe I will have a night of no minimins this weekend and see if he changes his tune!


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I tend not to come on at night, just in the day if I get chance (some days lots, some not at all!).
OH would go mental if I was on here all night. Bless them, they just want attention.
I am very into SW and I think thats why I am doing ok so far! I spend most my time thinking about if not talking about it or on here typing about it! I think it helps with the journey and maybe thats the same for you?
Probably right that he needs a bit of tlc...men! They do like their attention and throw their toys out of the pram if they don't get it! Hopefully you can sort it out and he will be more reasonable too.
Just wondering do you prepare his sw meals etc if hes on the plan too?


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Emsie we both take turns with dinners and lunches, he cooks more than I do though! I plan all the lunches/dinners and there's some of them I cook and some he cooks.. for example I cook all the risottos/pasta dishes and he does things like spag bol, chilli, all of our sauces.. he's a star :) (who annoys me a lot!! lol)
I think there is a fine line. Foe 2 years I have planned most meals and talked about food, diets and weight loss constantly, BUT if you are spending evenings on here then the problem may be to do with that.

It doesn't really matter if it is Minimins, Facebook or computer gaming- if my OH's attention was on other things every evening, I think I would get a bit peed off too.

You have every right to throw yourself wholeheartledly into this new way of life, and plan, talk and think about it as much as you like as it is a very healthy topic to be a bit obsessed with, but just give him a bit of a your time now and then- and feel proud of the fact that your OH wants to spend time with you and to have your attention. It would be so much worse if he simply wasn't interested!



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You guys are right! But I need to keep my attention out of the kitchen, that's why I turn to the PC. I do go through phases of it and since I started back at a SW group 3 ish weeks ago I've been on the PC most nights after work or at the gym.. but he moans when I'm around him all the time. He would quite happily ignore me all weekend and play his computer games - so I'm annoyed hes got double standards!

All we do is sit on the couch watching tv, or do housework, that's why I'd rather be on the PC :(
Why don't you get him to go to class with you to be more involved? Or give him the book and get him to cook for you? So its not just you making the effort and him reaping the rewards! I agree maybe give minimins a miss for the night and do something nice together - Orange wednesdays are always cheap and cheerful.. if you are on orange that is! lol x

Mrs V

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I definitely think Jaylou has hit the nail on the head and maybe he is feeling left out. My Hubby and I had this discussion a while back as I quite regularly talk about MMs and SW. I have a compromise now, where I come on here during the week day hardly in the evenings if he is at home (he travels a lot with work) and rarely at the weekends, unless he is doing something with his mates and Im at home! It works for us and I get the best of both worlds.

I agree with Claire, there is a fine line. I used to obsessed with the plan and everyone told me so...my response would always be, "Well, obsession works for me!" I still stand by that, and in fact am desperately trying to get that obsession back.

I learnt after a while to just be a little less vocal about it and it became a lifestyle rather than an addition to my life, if that makes sense. Does he cook with you? Sounds like you need to light his fire for the plan and the creative side of cooking, it might work?

K xx


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emzee - we can't afford for him to go as well, and he's quite happy not going anyway he doesn't like the idea of all the clapping lol. He does most of the cooking too so I can't give him any more lol! Orange weds are great yeah :) we sometimes do that but I have my class on a weds night!!

cp I love the girl power icon lol :) don't worry I will kick him up the bum!

I just asked him why he said it and he says he was worried I was obsessing over it too much, I think he's scared I'll put too much pressure on myself and fall off the wagon. (and of course he misses me when I bugger off on here lol :D)
Wow! He does most of the cooking.. Lucky Lady!

Just stick with the idea of paying him more attention - blokes can sulk when they aren't getting enough attention - maybe that was the reason for his outburst!
*hands up*

im a self confessed addict.. my OH also thinks i think about it all too much and spend too much time writing out my food diary and on here..

atleast were focused! x
*hands up*

im a self confessed addict.. my OH also thinks i think about it all too much and spend too much time writing out my food diary and on here..

atleast were focused! x
Absolutely nothing wrong with being an addict IMHO and it's fab you have his support with it as well!! Hope you are feeling much better now hun :D xxx


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My OH said I was always thinking of it too but that is because it is my way of life - I made him feel more included by getting him to look through the recipe section on here & planning a few days meals that way, we do have more of a balance though - if I am out or busy doing something else he has xbox time but if we are both free then we do something together otherwise we would both feel ignored by each other. I do tae my book eveywhere I go though & if someone asks me the syn value of something I can normally tell them off the top of my head which is kind of weird, I also won't eat anything that I don't know the syn value of....
It's funny what Julie19 said, about knowing the syn values of things being a bit weird.

My OH and I were talking, and he mentioned avocados (I can't even remember why!!!) - I just piped back with 'NOOOOO!!!!! 7 syns for HALF!!!!'

He then made some 'joke' about me being a 'syns savant' and then randomly started shouting out things to see if I knew the syns!!!!

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