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Are your thinner friends more confident?

I don't necessarily think so, some of the slimmest people I know seem the least confident, but maybe because people tell them they're too slim? I don't know.

I know I definitely feel much more confident slimmer. It was like my personality slipped away with my confidence as I got bigger. I think some people have noticed a change in me just from what I've lost so far!


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I don't necessarily think slimmer people have more confidence.. My younger sister is a slim size 10/12 and has very little self confidence and self belief. The only thing she is really confident in is the way she looks! She is treated as a better person than me, yet ironically I've always had more self belief than her. But then I've had to work at that and some how she doesn't. It doesn't matter what she thinks about herself, she puts a powersuit on, looks the part and people believe it...I on the other hand put a powersuit on and still have to work hard to make people believe in me - weird.



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Im not so sure its down to confidence its more that you know people treat you differently, well thats my view anyway


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some of my friends are more of a larger build, especially one i know, and dam he is very confident. and alota girls like him, probably because hes so funny.

some of my friends are really skinny, and they are not the most confident. and me, well id say i was always confident, before when i was skinny, and now, when im fat.

however i do know a friend he was a bit chubby when we were small, but after he lost weight, he had become more confident and happy...


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Maybe it just depends on the personality of each individual and actually has nothing to do with size at all...

I wonder is there a website/forum for skinny people and would they ask the same question - are your fat friends more confident.....?



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[email protected] skinny people forum, happy.:D No offence to anyone but I think it's more a female problem as I think most men are just naturally confident, a short, fat bald man could look in the mirror and see george clooney.;)


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not really no. My thinner friends vary in confidence.
However ive found as ive lost weight i have i think its because i feel like i dont need to blend in the background as the fat person. I didnt want to be noticed when i was bigger as i thought i would be judged.

But people have different feelings about themselves and confidence depends on more than size.


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Having been slim about three times during my life I can honestly say that I felt so much more confident then. Each time I would vow to myself not to put it all back on again. I have always been so addicted to chocolate and cream cakes but now being diabetic and having had a screening test on my eyes resulting in showing a deteriotion in one eye, it has made me sit up and DO something more determindly! But comfort eating is my demon and living on my own doesn't help - boredom and all that. Ther's always an excuse though isn't there?:wave_cry:

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I've become more confident since I've lost weight.

I'm basically a very shy person but over the years I have learned to disguise it. My husband used to say that people would never know how shy and lacking in confidence I was because I always came over as very confident and would chatter and join in with conversations etc.

However, when I was really overweight my confidence took a nosedive, no doubt about it. I knew deep down that I didn't look good and I felt uncomfortable and unhealthy. I'm so much different now. People comment on it and I know it myself. Therefore, size has to be an element in it, it can't be just the person's personality.

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