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Are zero noodles worth buying?

Ok I had a look at the site and

A) 5 cals?? Seriously??

B) their how much!!!?????£££

Soooo are they edible? Do they fill ya up?? And as they are wicked expensive are they worth a go?? Or are they a nutrients empty belly filler??

Sooo hard to balance in my head today! I love wholemeal pasta and it's good for me but I'm not very tolerant to wheat and a pasta fix does lead to painfull tummy times! And these are gluten free.....

BUT 5 cals!!!!!! I mean 5!!!!!! Amazing!! Noodle soup!!! About 80 bowls of it a day lol!!!!

I am a bit worried by the description lol gelatinous in texture eh? Sounds appetising!

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The Moog

Silver Member
I quite like them, but they do have the texture of eating elastic bands! They're much cheaper if you buy them from a local oriental supermarket - could be called various things in there, but look for shiritaki noodles or konjac - that's your man!

Make sure you rinse them really well before cooking with them (they smell a bit when you first open the packet) and then (like tofu) they'll take on the flavour of anything you cook them with.

Very good for you apparently, and low carb as well as low cal.
Lol your really selling them to me with the smelly elastic bands picture there...... I'll have a look next time I'm in Birmingham. There's a big Chinese supermarket there.

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The Moog

Silver Member
Funny thing is that they taste absolutely fine. The texture is a bit odd to start with, but you get used to it pretty quickly.

I'm sure I read somewhere that they keep you regular too - but I might be imagining that :D
I must admit i found the texture a little strange at first but i actually really like it now...has a bit more of a bite to it than pasta. They do keep you regular too as they are high in fibre and if you get hungry alot they are great as a filler food. Think they help with weightloss to as they stabilise your blood sugar levels.

I have never noticed a smell at all and i have them alot...they dont smell of anything??

Maybe just give one pack a go to see if you like them, then if you bulk buy they work out a little better in price...defo worth a try, cause if you like them they are a dieters dream!!! haha
I'm really intrigued by them now lol had a google and there are lots of new health studies about them :) gonna have to have a go! Shiratake noodles are a lot cheaper online than zeronoodles too lol

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The Moog

Silver Member
I can't remember how much I pay for mine from the Chinese supermarket, but it's not a lot. Certainly a fraction of the price of zero noodles online. I'll be buying some more during the week, so I'll let you know.


Silver Member
I just bought another dozen from the a Japanese online market (about £2 for 180g). I love them and they really do tick the box if you're craving noodles/carbs. They've been a lifesaver these last 6 weeks! :) They have a very strong fish smell when you first open the packet (not sure why?) - but give them a super-good rinse and then at least blanche them in boiling water before any real cooking and you'll love them! Enjoy.

PS - you should also cut them when rinsing... they are REALLY long.
I feel the same soshbyfly..total lifesaver! Not sure the Asian ones are totally the same though as zero noodles don't smell of fish at all...which I have heard being mentioned before. I think I pay about 1.80 but I may try the ones from my Asian supermarket if they are cheaper, although not sure I will switch if they smell like fish though.


Silver Member
I'm doing JUDDD and in the book that goes with the diet Dr Johnson recomends using these noddles saying how low calorie they are.I had been thinking they were going to be vial! But after reading these posts I'll give them a go.
I'll have to try and find them on-line as where I live is very rural.
Hay there, so i went to my local asian supermarket today and bought some of their shirataki noodles and got them home and realised that they were MORE expensive than zero noodles, £1.90 for only 180g when i pay only £1.58 for 200g zero noodles online. Also when i opened them they smelt horrible...a strong fishy odour..not very appealing! Is this normal from asian brands? and Moog how much do you pay??? xx
A lot of Asian ready foods do have a 'fishy' taste to them. Were Western countries might use vegetable oil in preparing things like pre packaged noodles, express rice to extend their shelf and stop the food sticking together, lots of the Asian countries use fish oil, and hence the fishy taste. I personally find fish houftin, so at the first hint of freddie the fish I'd be running! You should check the ingredients of foods before you buy - otherwise you might get a fishy surprise :eek:
ahh is that why, makes sense i guess, would love to know what's in the asian supermarket brand but its all written in chinese so no idea. I think your right though and since the zero noodles are a uk brand they probably process them differently to avoid the fishy weirdness. yuk! I love fish but dont really like things that arn't fish to smell like it!
Wow these really look too good to be true! I will have to get myself some i absolutely love pasta so it will be fantastic if these are as good as.


Silver Member
What sthe brand name of the zero noddles??
You can buy them here: Zero Noodles

(the brand is, ironically, zero noodles)


Silver Member
Thanks..I was a bit slow on the uptake of that..After I put that post up I thought "I wounder what happens if I put Zero Noddles inn????" Deeeerrrrrrr :D


Silver Member
Well I'm trying my first lot today. I'm making up a sauce with tomatoes,red onion, bell peppers and a pinch of chilli.See how I go!
That sounds really lovely Littlesis, please give us the verdict!

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