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Aren't people funny?

First customer of the morning comes in, really lovely old lady - as we're checking her tyres she asks me "Have you put on weight?" I did a little scream inside! It's just as well she's such a sweet lady

Second customer comes in, he's always a terrible flirt and says - "wow, you've lost a lot of weight!"

At least it's better than a couple of years ago when a chap came up to me and asked me about my being five months pregnant! (turns out he got me confused with someone else, but I suppose I did look that way at the time :cry:)
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I can only hope...;)
I went to see a friend who I hadn't seen for ages and she said to me "you've put on a bit of weight haven't you?"when I'd actually lost it! I think she remembered me as being smaller!
Last month I saw a lady who used to be one of dinner ladies at primary school and she piped up "you used to be such a lovely skinny thing" - well yeah, I was when I was seven!


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Even when I'm quite slim I always still have podgy little toddler hands and feet, dimples in my cheeks when I smile, and big eyes-
cabbage patch kid!


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I've been a bit rubbish and not put any up yet....I know I've only got one left from when I was at my biggest, and it's a corker!! I'm at an 'all you can eat' buffet, scowling at my ex!!! It's horrendous!! I will have to scan it though as it's a proper photo, not digital...it deffo shows off my CPK potential though....I'm off to rummage in my photo box....


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Right, I've put up my grim big pic, and the one from when I was at my target weight of 9st.....
In my album....I am a cabbage patch kid!!:cool:


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I went from 16st to 9st in about 18 months. That was in 2003, since then I've yo-yo-ed between about 10 and 11st. Currently trying to get back to 9st!

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