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Arggghhh I keep messing up!

So after my catastrophic episode with the tuna in oil ... today I got to work and realised I had completely forgotten my lunch which is at home prepared and on the side AND didnt hvae time for breakfast this morning so left in a hurry ... theres no shops nearby my work but one of my colleagues has just given me some roasted chicken thigh on the bone so i removed the skin and the bones and had it with some cottage cheese (a tablespoon that was left in the work fridge from yesterday!)

Is this okay or should I not have had it? I didnt ask her how she cooked it or even if she did cook it - thye looked like they could have been the pre-packaged ready to eat ones.

I feel like I keep messing up and Im destined to forever be in attack and keep adding days onto this stage because of the mistakes I keep making! It's not that I dont want to do it because Im so so motivated ... just feels like Im a dieting frank spencer!

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dont keep adding attack days it wont help go to cruise as for the chicken im sure it wont hurt
I also have been drinking a sugar free red bull everyday ... i just didnt think! however, i hvae lost 4Ib and im only on day 3 so i cant be going too far wrong despite my slip ups. Im totally useless - but im useless without realising it, not because i purposely am tempted and cant help myself!


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Dunno whether to laugh or cry! Love the "dieting Frank Spencer" reference :D


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Youre tempted because of your slip ups, youre not giving your body a chance to adjust.
Once your in the flow, in ketosis it becomes so much easier. Stop sabotaging yourself if you want to succeed.

But the chicken and cottage cheese would have been fine.

Put your keys/buspass/workpass/something with your lunch in the fridge so you have to remember to take it.


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Keys in the fridge! Brilliant!
Thanks for the push guys ... I managed to finally some oatbran today and I HATE it! I made a gallette - disgusting! I made a cake muffin thing - disgusting! My partner thinks its hilarious iv been in the kitchen since 6pm, made about 5 different recipes but still havent had any dinner! Does anyone actually LIKE this stuff?


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It can be really tasty! You can use it to make fishcakes? Or check out my turkey meatball recipe on the recipe thread. That inclues oatbran. I usually whack it in a yoghurt! Very yummy! Or you could make porridge :) x
Urgh - I just had it in yoghurt - also disgusting! Lol il try meatballs tomorro .... Thank you!


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If you put it in the meatballs you can't taste it. Oh and I sometimes chop chicken breasts up into bitesize bits and coat the in my oatbran allowance for the day to make them like chicken nuggets. Whack them in the oven at 200 degs for 20 mins x
Crunchy chicken is lovely! Mix herbs, pepper and oatbran together, dip chicken in skimmed milk and roll in the herb/bran mixture, oven cook. One of the more experienced members on here gave me that recipe and it's been a savior to me


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I looooove the gallette - every morning, a yummy hot sweet pancake, crispy round the edges, with a sprinkle of splenda and a squeeze of lemon juice.... mmmmmmmmmmm
I no your pain I'm more than blonde in the morning but one thing this diet has taught me is brekkie, oatbran porridge in the am in the microwave a couple of mins wiv some skim milk yummy! Plus you gotta remember this diet is for life the weight loss will come but it's the long term thing that's important

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