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Argh...HRM problems.

Buy Kinetik Heart Rate Monitor Watch at Argos.co.uk - Your Online Shop for Heart rate monitors. I've got one of these HRM so a cheapy option. I set it up correctly and strapped my chest belt on correctly etc etc. Did 50 mins of intense Body Combat with my heart rate averaging around 175-190 for the duration. I pressed start at the start of class and stopped just before the cool down. When I clicked the calories option it said I had burnt 40Kcals....40!!! Eh?!! In bigger font it had 607 in big letters, but no kcals after it so what do we think? 40 seems a bit low but it had the "kcals" written after it or do you think it was just the symbol to indicate that I was on the kcal option?! I don't know what to think. 40Kcals burnt for 50mins damn hard work.
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Sounds a bit strange???

I'd suggest trying it again and if you still have problems take it back..
I did read the manual but it's not really that user friendly!! Took me ages to work out how to put my weight in the damn thing! I wore it again today for 1hr of 20:20:20 and it had "561" in big letters and "57kcals" in smaller letters?!
Do you have a teenager handy????

I borrowed my friends son to program my hrm :D
p.s your heart rate seems far too high too. 170-190 is way too high unless you are in your teens!
was going to ask if this was worth the buy but it looks abit complicated to me :s Can anyone tell me a cheap one thats around? I cant really afford much so just want a basic calorie counter tbh
I'm 22. I'm very unfit and my heart does race when I do a high impact class like combat or 20:20:20. I was so out of puff today. When I'm on the gym equipment heart monitors it has my HR at 180 at times, especially the treadmill. I unfortunately cannot stretch to a Polar at this stage but maybe when I have a few more £££s I could get one.
Hi there

Firstly dont rely too much on the calories burned - its a rough estimate only, and each manufacturer uses their own algorithm so its far from accurate - and that's true of ALL makes and they can't give anywhere near accurate date for non-cardio workouts (for the science bit - calories burned are dependant on muscle cell acitivty across the body; this relationship is especially shown up when wearing a HRM for calories counting in anything involving strength such as body combat or pump exercises. The HRM doesnt know if you are using several large muscle groups in unison such as when running or cycling or just a few isloated muscles for example in a bicep curl). Also HRM dont take into account the 'dynamic shift' this is the heart working harder simply due to the amount of err sludge you have generated by working out which appears after a certain amoutn of exercise and is simply the heart/body getting rid of waste you generated and can increase HR by 10-15% toward then end of a workout.

Secondly, the challenge with HRM is design - fitting in so many fucntions but only a few buttons to use. KinetiK are not bad and for the money you get a lot of functions. The HRM requires only limited data - no gender or height. It aslo requires VO2 max - your doc can measure this. When you press set/reset/- to get the calories I think it stops the stopwatch and when you return it starts over and this might give confusing outputs.

Its an excellent tool however for managing heart rate and working in zones so you can manage your exercise. Working 175-190 - thats ok if you are 18 years old (max heart rate is 220 minus your age). Use this tool to manage the intensity of your workouts, varying them between ranges such as 60-70% of HRM for your body combat. There is a difference between exercising and overexertion and using this tool will help avoid this.
Thanks for your post MartinD - very helpful. I had the monitor running for 50mins of combat today and it came out with a burn of approx 571Kcals.
Excellent - one benefit of exercise such as weighted or resistance based is where you use resistance under high intensity is its ability to create EPOC. I suspect Body Combat done hard enough will do the same. EPOC = Excess Postexercise Oxygen Consumption. After intense exercise/interval type exercise the body has to work even harder and therefore burns additional calories. Low intensity aerobic exercise doesnt appear to have the same impact although it can burn considerabel cals during exercise. EPOC can be quite significant - I saw a study that had 45mins weights buring 520 cals but a further 190 cals burned over the next 18 hours from EPOC.
Fionat29 said:
My heart rate has been up to 185 when doing Jillian Michaels or turbo jam and I'm 46!:eek:
As Martin d says. Your max is 220- your age then 70-90% of this figure.

So 220-46= 174. Then / by 100 x 60% then by 70%

60% is 104 bmp
70% is 122 bmp

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