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Argh, I cheated


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Argh. I was doing so well.

It was hubby's birthday and I did a BBQ for 19 people. I stupidly thought I was strong enough to cook all this gorgeous stuff, make all the salads and sit and drink water while they filled their faces with food & drink.

I ended up having 2 small chunks of pork from a pork & pepper kebab. Probably not too much damage done there, but then I went and ate half a bread roll with butter and a bacardi breezer :cry: What the hell was I doing! The stupid thing is I KNEW it would make me feel really angry with myself.

Tomorrow is another day. I'm not going to let it stop me, even though I am really pissed off with myself right now.

Back in positive mode tomorrow and putting the blip behind me but GGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR @ myself.

I wasn't even going to post here about it but then the way my mind works, I know that if I admit it here, then I'm more likely to stick to my diet tomorrow. Sort of like the first step towards not carrying on cheating is by admitting I did it! I wonder if that makes any sense to anyone.
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oh well slap hand!its done now!dont worry about it. u know what it feels like now when u cheat so might have been a good thing cos u wont do it again!mmmnn barcardi breezer..how could u cheat it doesnt compare to 5litres of water a day lol. :cool:

be good!dont stress xx

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:whoopass: You Naughty girl!!!.... What's done is done, put it behind you & carry on as a good girl....lol.

Seriously it happens to us all,don't beat yourself up over it. We're all only human, realise your mistake, learn from it & move on. I'm sure today will be a better day, focus on how well you have done so far not just on some silly mistake.....xxxx


I can do this.
lesson learned... now be good.lol.


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Thanks for the support. I'm behaving myself so far today. I love the slapped bum emote up there in this thread, very funny :D

I'm struggling, feeling hungry, but NOT going to give in to it. Got to get myself back in ketosis and fast.

Onwards and downwards :)


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i did to mochaj
got through 13 weeks with not a single cheat then last night out of the blue ate a slice of toast and marg
put it behind you and carry on
good luck
kaz :D


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Ummmmmm BBQ *drools* as the others have said dust it under the carpet and get drinking the water, you can do this hun :)

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