Argh it's my little boy's 5th birthday party


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On saturday and I'm sat here sorting what food I'm going to do and will have to spend all of tomorrow cooking it. How do I get through this, I don't think I'll be tempted I haven't been so far through this diet BUT when it's all laid out in front of me I might be.

Emma xXx
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happy 5th birthday to your little one.
You've got to think about the size you want to be!! and the food is not going to help you. It will take you out of ketosis.
Think about why you are doing this!
It will be hard but you can do it.


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Are you catering for the adults as well?? I know that I'd really struggle as I LOVE buffet party food! If it was me, I'd put out some healthy salads and nibbles for the adults, but for the kids, I'd get some little boxes, like you get happy meals in, and do the kids their own little picnic box! You could fill it with a sandwich, cakes, crisps, cocktail sausages, etc, etc, but because it's all seperate, you haven't got a huge plate of butties or sausage rolls looking at you, and someone will know if you sneak one!


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Just remember that you don't NEED that food. And it always helps me to envisage how I would feel after I had eaten that cake!!

You're doing so well honey! Have fun with your little one! Food is after all just one part of the day!!

B x


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I have lost count of the amount of kiddies buffet parties I have been to. I did one for Halloween and have my sons 3rd birthday in a few weeks. I think they key is to not make an issue of it.Just keep in my mind your on the program drink your water and just keep busy chatting. You'll prob be too busy to think about eating. I know I usually I am. It will be fine and prepare you well for christmas time!