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I've gone over my syns today (see food diary in sig.) I feel like this is going to jeopardise my loss...I've not had the best few weeks - overall I've lose 1lb in 6 weeks...I feel like packing in SW...I'm trying so hard and not seeing results :(

But I'm trying to hang on in there. I don't know any more...
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Hiya hun! I just had a quick peep at your food diary, and you've only gone over by 2 syns :) Why not think of it as a weekly amount of syns, rather than a daily 15 syns? If you do that, then those two syns are covered by the fact that you didn't have 15 on other days. Chin up hun - I'm sure your hard work will be rewarded with a big loss one of these days! :D xxx
Thanks for the advice and I certainly hope so :)

We'll see on Monday :)
Hang in there hon - it is really frustrating when it stops. I was losing and gaining the same pound over the last four weeks, but then on Thursday at weigh in I suddenly dropped 3lbs! Stick with it, and I'm sure it will happen for you.
Take care, I'll be thinking of you x
just out of interest how many nuts is a few coz u only get about 14 nuts for 8 syns
Oh dear - It was probably about that... :( blah...that's annoying - I'll be extra good tomorrow...

There's nothing in the house because everyone's ill...I'm definitely going to Tesco tomorrow.
Don't worry about it, it's better to be safe than sorry...I'm going to count it as 10 syns, at the time I thought it wasn't that much, but then my mind can play tricks on me when it comes to food.

I've got 15 syns left for two days if I do the weekly thing, which I think I may do, especially if I can't make it to Tesco!
Also - and please don't take this the wrong way :) - going by your ticker you've *only* got 14lbs to lose to get to target.

SW is well known (I'd say notorious, but that's not the right connotation) for quick initial losses, sometimes over the first few weeks. Mostly though those come for those of us who have, like me, vast amounts to lose. When you're close to target to start with (and I really appreciate that for you it may not feel that way!) the losses are going to come slower.

This is a way of life, not a *diet*. If you can change the way you eat then it's going to come off eventually.

My target is actually to lose 3 stone in all, but the ticker is denoting what I want to lose by September (which was about 20lbs, but after the last 6 weeks, I no longer thought that target was realistic)

I understand that it is a way of life and I will continue to food optimise as it has taught me a lot about food and finding healthy alternatives without all losing any of the taste.

I was hoping to lose at least a bit more by now, and I keep losing, then putting on it seems. I'd just love to be a bit more stable.
I'm sorry you're not seeing results, that sounds so frustrating. Stick with it though and I hope you start seeing some losses come your way. Good luck!
Thanks, I will stick with it, even if I pack in going to group - food optimising is awesome :)

It's got me eating more fruit and veg and trying new things :)


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Hi Cathago! I went and looked at you diary- may I offer you some advice?

I started with SW in Feb and for 2 months I struggled, lost a bit, gained a bit and generally yo-yo'd. I had done SW in the past but had no problems but now I was doing the new EE I was struggling. I had a break for 6 weeks (during which I only put on 4Ib so was quite pleased :) ) and then I went back to class. Since I went back I have lost 11Ib over the last 7 weeks. This is down to changing 3 things:

I am having more syns. I was having on average 5 per day.. now I have up to 15 per day, but no more than 70 per week.

I am eating more superfree foods: I wasn't having enough fruit and veg. For EE to work at least a 1/3 of each meal should be fruit/veg. You get even bigger losses if you have 2/3 at each meal.

I am eating more speed foods. I try to make sure that one meal per day is based around a speed food (the ones with the S or SS symbol in your book, if you don't know already. Which I'm sure you do :eek: )
eg chicken with veg and new potatoes.

Hope that helps in some way. As I said, I was struggling but have really starting seeing it pay off since upping the syns, fruit and veg and speeds foods :)
Thanks guys! You've been ever so helpful. I've decided what I'm going to do.

1) As I'm ill, I've decided to have a little break, nothing major, hopefully if I'm feeling better by Monday then I'll be back on plan then seeing as I've not made it to the supermarket.

2) I'm going to start afresh and not go to group - I have many reasons for this and I think I can invest the money wisely into a decent set of scales and other things that will assist me in going it alone (with the amazing support of Minimins!)

3) I've got to be serious about this and up the superfree. I think that as much as I am trying, it's not working because I'm not planning. I just end up throwing something together and fruit and veg never really seem part of the meal.

I will set myself interim targets and will hopefully shed 10lbs by the middle of September (the least I want to lose by then!)

Thanks again guys, you've been ever so helpful :)
Good luck honey, I really hope it works out for you. Fingers crossed and keep posting how you're doing,

Thanks guys!! xx

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