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I just had a really horrendous row with someone I care a lot about :(

It's made me just think "sod it" and I want to go and eat eat eat to make myself feel better. I KNOW my mind is playing stupid tricks on me and I would feel better for all of 10 minutes then regret it so DAMN MUCH!


Why the hell does it make me think like that :cry:

I suppose I'm halfway there by even recognising what's going on in my head, now to tackle it by not giving into the temptation. Dammit I feel crap now.

Sorry for the self indulgent whine. I WILL feel better later as long as I don't go and ruin my diet. Ihate the gremlins in my head that make me see eating as some kind of comfort.

No-one needs to reply, I'll feel better just for getting it off my chest.
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Well done for coming straight on here and not gone straight to the fridge.
You realise just how much you relied on food for comfort !!!!

It is pretty scary to think just how often and how much junk we did eat.


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Know how you feel .... I've fallen out with so many people recently - unfortuneately the last couple have led to my downfall and the kitchen cupboard. Back to square one tomorrow.

Good luck - and unload on here - there are some lovely supportive people who will help. ((HUGS)) xx


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Know just how you feel, i had a big argument last week with someone close to me. The first thing that came into my head was, have something to eat, you will feel better.

But i thought about it and yeah i would of felt better while i was eating it, but that's all. Afterwards i would of felt rubbish and that's what i keep reminding myself. (And the fact that it was comfort eating that got me into this state in the first place!)

Anyway well done on managing to beat that urge, it's so hard, but you did it :)


I can do this.
when i argue with anyone... i usualy turn to food, but not any more, i have realized i'm only hurting myself. Welldone for fighting ur gremlings.
Well done!!!

I have not fought my demon's so well today and had a 1/3rd of a chicken salad baguette....really regret it now you are really strong i hope you continue to do well i will be thinking of you!!!

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!


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hi Mocha, I hope you're feeling ok. I do hope that you managed to steer away from food. You know you would feel a 100 times worse if you did eat, which would probably take you out of ketosis...and you'd have to start all over again.... I hope I never slip as getting into ketosis has been a strugle for me... I still feel sick now. So, well done for letting us know how you feel, there is someone there for you when you need to chat...or vent your emotions, one of us will be on line... I'll do the same when ever I feel crappy.

best of luck for tomorrow x x x
night night, over and out for this evening I think...my beddy bo's is calling x


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Thanks so much for all the support! This site and the people on it are amazing :)

I feel much better now. I did get very tempted and even had my eye on a small piece of the kids left over pizza. Luckily my 6 year old sussed me, pounced, and threw it in the bin. I did thank her and give her a hug for doing it though :D

I went for a long bath with a Lush bath melt and the world felt good again. I've also sorted out the argument. So all is well and tomorrow morning is my weigh in. I know I've had a small loss this week (because I cheated and looked!) but I don't care, back in positive mode now and any loss is still good :)

Thanks again everyone!

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