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Bought new exercising equipment to help lose weight but me and my mum are getting extremely tired within just a minute of being on it. After about half an hour (not each) we call it a night with the cross trainer as we are too tired to continue.

I'm just thinking what is the point? I'm not going to get anywhere when I come off after a minute to take a breather and have a drink of water.

I feel like I'm wasting my time and it does not help when I have the urge to binge at like 12am.
I plan out to have a day of healthy eating and small portions by starting the day off with a bowl of Kornflakes then a sandwich at dinner. For tea, we'll have something healthy like jacket potatoes. It all goes to pot around mid night when I get starving again then I end up rooting through the cupboards and fridge to see what I can find. I feel so guilty afterwards it's unreal. :(

Last night for example, around midnight I ended up having 2 bowls of cornflakes then started digging in to a pack of cocktail sausages.

Once I have that "urge" to eat, that is it.
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1 minute of exercise is better than none, if you keep at it that 1 min will turn into 2, 3 ,4 etc before you know it you will be fit. when i feel hungry late at night i have a drink of water and go to bed good luck xxx


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Hi kimmeh, I don't do any exercise at all because I'm a lazy so-and-so, so I really admire anyone who can put the effort in and do even 5 minutes! If you stick at it I'm sure your fitness will increase over time and it'll get a bit easier. If the equipment isn't cutting it for you, maybe try dancing? Just stick the earphones in and boogy around madly. Sometimes I even manage 3 minutes of that myself! ;)

As for the midnight snacking - oh, I've been there. I get terrible nocturnal munchies. All I can say is: be prepared for the battle by having low-calorie foods easily to hand that you can nibble on without feeling guilty. Could you make up a little box of snacks and keep it in the fridge so it's easy to grab? You could fill it up with a few slices of chicken or quorn, some chopped veggies, some berries, maybe an alpen light cereal bar and some rice cakes. That way, when hunger strikes and your willpower is low, you have your box ready and can combat it.

By the way, if you make up a pint of Hartley's sugar free jelly and keep one in the fridge at all times it'll really help! Only 32 calories for the whole pint, so you can dig your spoon in there whenever you like. When the midnight munchies hit me now, I go get an entire pint of it out of the fridge, cut up half a pound of strawberries and the same of raspberries, stick them on top, and devour! All for around 100 calories, and it takes a while to eat. It's also bloomin' delicious! :)

Never try to get by without food if you're really hungry. It'll just make you miserable and could lead to an eventual binge. The trick is getting well stocked up with low foods so you'll never have that terrible 'I'm so hungry, what can I eat??!' moment when you end up reaching for the biscuits.

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